"The Great Honey Pot Robbery" is the seventh episode of the first season of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, notable for marking the first appearance of Stan Woozle and Heff Heffalump.


It is morning in the Hundred Acre Wood and we find Pooh is mumbling in his sleep about breakfast unaware of two pairs of eyes. One pair had a confused look, and the other pair had an evil look. Pooh's bed bounced and it woke up Pooh. He sits up and suggests that it is time for breakfast. When he heads toward the kitchen, he notices that there's a big mess with honey all around. Honey pots were scattered across the floor. He did his 'oh, bother' and suggested that he woke up last night and ate, yet he still felt hungry. He finds a trail of honey, and follows it to the bed. We see two pairs of feet. One pair looked big and orange, and the other pair looked like shoes. When Pooh looks down, the feet disappear. Pooh decides that since he does not have any honey, he decided to go to Rabbit's house to borrow some.

Meanwhile, Roo is asleep until a leaf falls on his nose. Roo's eyes open, and he sees the leaf. Roo sneezes and hears a voice say "Gesundheit". He thanks the voice, but he realizes that the voice was not familiar to him. He asked who it was and the voice replied that it was nobody. Suddenly, there is a smaller voice that said to be quiet. Roo gets his pillow and demands them to come out and fight. Suddenly, a long orange tail like nose comes out and pulls on the pillow. Kanga comes in just in time. She asks what Roo is doing. Roo implores her that there is something under the bed. Kanga thinks it is just Roo's dreams. Roo says that there are alive creatures under the bed with long tails. As Kanga brings Roo into the other room, the big voice starts freaking out when he heard Kanga say that it was probably just mice. Kanga brings Roo out with her. We hear a big voice freaking out over what Kanga said about mice, and asking someone named Stan to save him. Suddenly, a softer, more devious sounding voice explained there were not any real mice and that Kanga and Roo think that they are mice. The devious voice tells the big voice to pipe down and that they have to go find more honey. When he does, they slip out, but it is hard to see what they look considering that they are going so fast without pausing the TV to get a good look at them.

Meanwhile, Pooh is heading over to Rabbit's house to borrow honey like he planned when in comes Piglet with a big honey pot. They greet each other and Piglet informs that he was "just coming to see you". Pooh helps him with the pot, and finds that the honey pot is empty. Piglet asks if Pooh emptied it. Pooh gives up, and asks if he really did do that. Piglet thinks that if he did not, and something else did, he was going to be very frightened. Pooh tells him not to worry, and with him, he can borrow more honey from Rabbit.

Pooh and Piglet arrive at Rabbit's house, where there is crashing and Rabbit screaming. Piglet suggests that he and Pooh come back another time. Rabbit bursts out the door, and Pooh tries to talk to him, but Rabbit tells Pooh not to bother him, and that he has to go and give Pooh a piece of his mind. Rabbit suddenly stops and asks Pooh harshly why he is sneaking in and eating all of his honey, and wonders if he lends him enough. Kanga, Roo and Tigger appear, and Kanga asks if Pooh could tell them what happened to their honey. Pooh asks if he "truly eaten everyone's honey". Rabbit wonders if he can remember. Pooh says that he tried to remember, he would forget. Roo does not think it was him. He thinks it was mice. Suddenly, Gopher starts crawling out of the ground with a honey pot. He starts accusing Pooh. Rabbit feels the same way. Piglet asks when Gopher's honey was swiped. Gopher says that it was just swiped this minute. Pooh could not have done it then because while Pooh was talking to everyone, that was when Gopher's honey was swiped. How could he be at Rabbit's house and at Gopher's house at the same time? Roo says it was bed bouncing mice. Everyone started realizing that their beds were bounced also. Roo decides to go catch them. Pooh agrees.

We come back to Pooh's house where there is a honey pot lying at the center, and there are mousetraps around it. Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and Roo are all in their pajamas and Pooh informs them that they are going to keep watch. Time goes by and everyone starts getting super tired. Roo thinks the plan is not working. Tigger suggests that they keep watch from "someplace more inconspickerous". They end up in Pooh's bed. Piglet asks if they should pretend to be asleep. Tigger replies that he let the bigger guys handle the mice. Later, they are all asleep. Surprisingly, a woozle appears from under the bed. He had gray fur, a red hat, evil, yellow eyes, a yellow vest, a red bow tie with white spots, blue pants, and black shoes. It turns out that he was the softer and devious voice we heard earlier. He tells the bed that everyone was asleep, and to go get the honey. The woozle crawls out from under the bed, and suddenly, the bed starts rising up because it turns the big voice we heard earlier. We find a big heffalump. He has an orange trunk, back side and the face, and he had light orange on his front side. He also has a patch on his knee and on his behind where his tail is. He cheers for the honey and laughs. The woozle, Stan, pulls on his trunk and shushes him.

He pulls the heffalump's trunk far to shush him. When Stan let go, the trunk was wrinkled. As the heffalump, Heff, straightened his trunk, Stan warns about the mousetraps. Heff starts to freak out because he is afraid of mice. When Hef starts to ask Stan to save him, Stan explains to him that there weren't any mice and that the mousetraps were for them. Heff calms down thinking that was a relief. Stan straightens his bow tie and starts walking unaware of the mousetraps. He gets caught in one. His eyes widened and he screams bloody murder. He covers his mouth and starts to mumble. Heff notices the mousetrap Stan's foot was caught in. Unaware that mousetraps are hurtful, he asks if he could have. Stan just glares at him as he shook because of the pain. If the viewers look closely, as Stan gets the mousetrap off his foot, they will see that Stan's foot was crooked. We look back at Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and Roo as we listen to Hef's screams of pain as Stan gives him all of the mousetraps.

It is morning, and Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and Roo find that there was no more honey. Roo just knows that the bad guys are really big mice. Tigger suggests that they need a really big trap. Pooh suggest that the trap has really big bait. We now see a big trap taking up a lot of space in Pooh's house. Pooh explains that "the wagon with the cake rolls down the ramp, and trips, which drops the wash tub right onto the mice". Tigger thinks it is super funny, but then asks about what the cake was for. Pooh says that when you yell surprise, you blow out the candles. Piglet asks about the bait, and Pooh pulls off a big blanket that shows a giant honey pot with honey in it. The honey also had wheels below. Tigger bounces around with ice cream. Pooh wonders what he is doing. Tigger says that people cannot have cake without ice cream. As Tigger bounces, he trips the rope and lands in the wagon. The wagon starts rolling down the ramp, and it turns out that the trap is a big success. We then find that Stan and Heff were hiding under the bed the whole time. Stan and Heff immediately crawl out, and ran off with the honey. Pooh and Piglet look out, and find that the real guys are not mice, but heffalumps and woozles. Stan and Heff burst out the door hanging on to the honey pot with the wheels. Roo, Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger follow them on the wagon (without the cake). Heff uses his trunk to swoop him and Stan on to a hill so that they could make a quick escape. Pooh, Piglet, Roo and Tigger follow them up the hill.

As Stan and Heff go up the hill, the honey pot starts slowing down and turning the other way. Tigger thinks that they were caught now, but hey crash. Stan is the first to get up. Tigger gets up then Pooh, then Tigger, then Piglet, and finally Roo. Tigger implores Pooh to show Heff and Stan what he was made of. Being absent minded, Pooh says that he was made of fluff. Tigger suddenly loses his confidence until Stan and Heff fling Pooh to a tree. Tigger tries to be tough, but ends up being thrown to the same tree. It is Piglet's turn, and when Stan and Heff are about to fling Piglet, they count it down. When they get to 3, Hef wonders what comes after 3. Piglet says that it is 4. He gets thrown to Tigger and Pooh's tree. Stan and Heff forget about Roo, and think that the honey is theirs. Roo jumps out of nowhere, stands up to them. He puts out fists and feels like fighting. Heff thinks that Roo is a giant mouse and starts to freak out. He jumps up and lands on Stan. Stan hates it when Heff does that. Heff implores Stan to get him out of here. As Stan tries to carry Heff, he vows that he and Heff would be back...with friends, and then they will get them, and Roo also thinking that Roo is a giant mouse. There is a celebration, and Pooh thinks that their honey was safe to smackeral in peace. Piglet reminds them that Stan and Heff said they'd be back with friends.

We are now at "Part 2 of The Great Honey Pot Robbery". It is dark at night. The wind is blowing, and Pooh's laundry is blowing, and there is knocking on the door. Roo, Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet are hiding in Pooh's bed, and when they heard the door knock, they think that it was Stan and Heff with their friends. Pooh courageously steps up. He takes his gun, and tiptoes to the door. He holds up his gun, opens the door, and it turns out to be Rabbit. Rabbit thinks that Pooh was unready, unsteady, and unprepared. Rabbit asks him about what Pooh was going to do when Stan and Heff return. Pooh asks about inviting them to breakfast and sharing the honey. Rabbit and the others did not like the idea. Pooh just thinks that heffalumps and woozels just did not know any better. Tigger steps and decides to teach them a lesson. Tigger jumps out the door, and thinking that the laundrey were Stan and Heff, he started fighting the laundry. After a few seconds of fighting with Pooh's clothes, Tigger comes crashing in and trampling on everybody. Tigger starts telling everybody what happened and that no "heffabump" can sneak up on a tigger, and get away with it. Pooh thinks that Tigger just smooshed his laundry. Tigger does not think so and he shows Pooh a sock and says that it was a heffalump trunk warmer. Pooh does not think so, and tells that it was just a sock. Tigger think that the sock shouldn't have jumped out at him.

Afterwards, we are outside at a bush. Suddenly, he see a familiar looking trunk. It was Heff's trunk. His trunk looks left, then right. Stan steps up, and tells Heff that they were going to get help. Heff peers out of the bush, and wonders about who was big enough to take on that "gigantic mouse". Stan decides that they were going to get Wooster. Heff is not really keen on the idea, and hides back under the bush. Stan comes up, and starts pulling on Heff's tail. Heff keeps whining, and if the viewers hear very carefully, they will hear Stan say "Hold it...why me?" They head on off to Wooster's place.

Now, it is day time again, and Rabbit is calling for Gopher. Pooh thinks that Gopher is one of his holes. Pooh trips and lands in a hole. Gopher appears, and finds that Pooh is stuck. Gopher thinks Pooh is a heffalump considering that he could only see Pooh's legs and Gopher thought they were ears. Gopher demands that what was in his hole would speak his peace. Rabbit comes from behind, and starts tapping him on the shoulder. Gopher screams, and hops on Pooh. Gopher thinks that Rabbit should not be sneaking up on people when there are heffalumps and woozles around. Rabbit asks if Gopher would fortify Pooh's house. Gopher is more than happy to do so. Rabbit and Gopher leave Pooh unaware that Pooh was stuck in a hole.

Meanwhile, Stan and Heff are still getting over to Wooster's place. Heff is still complaining, and Stan is still asking himself "Hold it...why me?" They approach the cave of Wooster. Heff stops complaining. Stan calls out that he and Heff knew where there was honey to steal. There came no reply. Heff hopes that Wooster is not home. He starts to run away when he hears stomping. Wooster catches him by the tail, and we suddenly see Wooster's shadow. Wooster follows Stan as they go back to the Hundred Acre Wood.

Pooh is now coming back to his house after he got stuck in a hole, and decides that it was time for brunch-fast which in his opinion was the meal people have after breakfast, yet not quite lunch. As he thinks about it, he bumps into something. He falls down and finds a freakishly tall brick wall. Gopher thinks that no one was going to get through it. Pooh asks about walking around it. Gopher had to start all over again. A few minutes later, we find that Gopher completely closed down Pooh's home with bricks. Pooh knew for sure that the Heff, Stan, and Wooster could not get to the honey then, but without doors or windows, neither could Pooh. Gopher gets angry, gives up, and falls into one of his holes.

Now, we are back to Stan, Heff, and Wooster. Stan is totally excited about getting the honey. Hef kept looking at Wooster, who was still afraid of him. As the two pass by, we now see the bottom of Wooster. He is red from the waist down. He had light green claws and tail. Wooster does not say anything, but "honey", and roaring.

We are now at the scene where Rabbit is making a sign and everyone was watching. Rabbit finishes and asks everyone what they thought. Piglet and Tigger thought that it was nice, but Tigger asks what it was. Rabbit replies that it was a sign to fool the heffalumps and woozles. The sign said "Honey: This Way". Pooh thinks that the sign was wrong, and that honey was in the opposite direction at Pooh's house. Rabbit explains to that since the heffalumps and woozles did not know that, the sign will get them lost, and they will never return. Just then, Owl flies down and when he was about to say something, Rabbit tells him that he was supposed to be looking out for the heffalumps and woozles. Owl tells him that the they have arrived. Rabbit feels discouraged and grabs ahold of his ears, but Tigger thinks that they would not get past him and Roo. He and Roo go off to look for them. Pooh leaves also because he had to go check on brunch-fast. At first, Rabbit had no complaint until he gave a second thought.

Afterwards, we find Roo and Tigger looking out for the bad guys. Roo does not see them yet. Of course, Tigger feels very confident......until he hears crashing. He and Roo see trees falling down. Roo seems excited. Tigger suggests that they should warn the others. Roo reminds Tigger that Tigger said he was going to smoosh them. Tigget makes up a excuse of not wanting to hog all the fun. Finally, we see Wooster from the waist up. In the upper part, he is wearing a long sleeved lavender shirt. He has a small green head which had eyes that glared. Tigger is frightened to his skull, and covers his eyes in fright. Hef and Stan are behind Wooster. Hef pionts out Roo and lets Stan know that Roo was with Tigger. Stan has his eyes on Wooster until Hef points out Roo. He looks at Roo. When Hef tells Wooster to squish Roo, Stan looks at him. Wooster decides that he wants the honey first. Stan and Heff come towards Tigger and Roo. He gets a hold of Heff's nose, and thinks that "Wooster's right". and decides that they will "take care of you'se two after" they get the honey. Tigger hears what Stan just said and shows them through a shortcut. Roo is confused, and is about to remind Tigger that he was going to smoosh them, but Tigger cuts him off and leads Stan. Heff, and Wooster to the sign. Rabbit is still clutching his ears. Rabbit tries to say that the honey was where the sign was pointing. Wooster destroys the sign by running right through it. Rabbit's now on his knees in fright. Stan hisses to Rabbit that Wooster could not read.

We now see Pooh fixing up a table with honey pots on it. Rabbit, Piglet, Roo, and Tigger appear, and Rabbit warns Pooh that Heff, Stan, and Wooster were coming. Pooh is actually happy, but Piglt tries to explain that theses bad guys are heffalumps and woozles ("I'm beginning to think that the 100 Acre wood and heffalumps and woozles are enemies"). Pooh asks if they like "brunch-fast" or not. We hear Wooster coming towards them. Stan says that they said they would be back to steal the honey. He demands for it, and if they did, Wooster may leave them n one peace. Tigger, Rabbit, Piglet, and Roo hide under the table, but not Pooh, who takes a honey pot, and starts walking past Stan and Heff, and towards Wooster. He asks why would they want to steal their honey. Wooster says it is so that they could eat it. Pooh tells them that there is a better than stealing. Wooster is confused. Stan and Heff implore him not to listen to Pooh, but Pooh steals Wooster that friends ask and share. He also says that being friends is better than honey. Wooster asks if Pooh would be his friend. Stan tells him that woozles did not need friends. Stan and Heff just start taking the honey from Pooh until Wooster grabs them in his big hand. He tells them to ask, and that is what he does. Pooh tells him to say "please". Wooster does and Pooh is now more than happy to. Stan is now totally ticked off, and Wooster drops them. We quickly see Stan without his red hat. They land on the ground and Stan vows "...you may have a giant. You may have a giant, but we'll be back. Somehow, we'll get that honey." Stan walks away. Heff wonders how they are going to do that. Stan tells him to be quiet.

We now see the good guys having "brunch-fast". Piglet reminds Pooh that Stan said they would be back. Pooh tells him not to worry because they will have Wooster there to help them. Wooster pushes a honey pot towards Pooh. Pooh thanks him, and Wooster is all "what friends for". Tigger waves at him, and here is the end.



  • The episode title appears to be a parody of The Great Train Robbery.
  • This episode has been released on VHS, but no DVD release has ever been announced.
  • This is one of the few 23-minute long episodes of the series (which makes it a half-hour episode due to commercial breaks in most airings). Most episodes are only 11 minutes and a half long and are aired in pairs.
  • This is also one of the extremely rare instances in The New Adventures where we see Tigger enjoying honey, further adding to the unusual mystery of whether he's supposed to like it or hate it.
  • This episode is the first confirmation that woozles are real creatures (as for heffalumps, this confirmation happened in the earlier episode "There's No Camp Like Home"). It is nice to note that Heff, the heffalump seen in this episode, as well as the heffalump family seen in "There's No Camp Like Home" walk bipedally. More recent productions such as Pooh's Heffalump Movie and My Friends Tigger & Pooh would always portray heffalumps as quadrupeds.
  • During this episode, a new meal was created called "brunchfast".
  • This marks the first appearance of Stan Woozle and Heff Heffalump, as well as the only appearance of Wooster.
  • Ken Sansom, who provides the voice of Rabbit also provides the voice of Stan Woozle.
  • This was the first episode in The New Adventures that Pooh got stuck in a hole.
  • The scene where Pooh gets stuck in a hole was recycled from a scene in the DuckTales episode "The Money Vanishes", where Burger Beagle gets stuck in a sewer. The scene would be re-used again in the Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers episode "Adventures in Squirrelsitting", where the Rangers' arch nemesis Fat Cat gets stuck in a vat.

Home media releases


  • Volume 1: The Great Honey Pot Robbery (VHS)


  • The Great Honey Pot Robbery (VHS)

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