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"The Greatest Show on Earth" or "The Weather Show" is a song in Schoolhouse Rock! The song teaches us about the weather.


(Bold indicates lyrics from the unedited version on the 1987 VHS)

Introducing the greatest show on Earth, The Weather!

Welcome everyone, It's the weather show!
Bring your bathing suits,
Don't forget your boots and coats.
Folks, we guarantee the show that we perform
Is never dull, if there's a lull, It's just the calm before the storm.

Watch it change from icy cold to toasty warm,
And rearrange from sunny days to crazy storms.
The curtain's rising, we're so glad to have you here!
Come see a new show daily in the atmosphere!


The sun shines down On field and town!
On forest, mountain, desert, sea and snow.
Some heat's absorbed, Some bounces off, (ha ha ha!)
So here it's hot, where there it may be cold.
The heated Earth heats up the air,
Just like a big hot air balloon, up up it flows.
The cooler air Sneaks in below,
It's heated too, now look out folks, 'cause up it goes!

The sinking air is called a "high", which means it has high pressure.
Low pressure air is on the rise, and as they move together...


Those lows and highs, They sink and rise.
The air begins to move and flow.
It circulates At different rates,
And that creates the winds that blow.

The highs are nice, They bring fair skies, (ah ha!)
But a low will often bring you clouds or rain.
And when they bump, They form a front.
A changing of the weather in between.

As the highs and lows push and shove,
the weather front begins to move!
And if a front moves into town, it means a storm just may come down!


Because of heat, Drops evaporate,
From lakes and rivers, puddles, even trees.
The air can fill Right to the gills
With water vapor, that's humidity.
When clouds appear, Rain may be near, (Oooohhh!)
'Cause the vapor's cool and starting to condense.
And if those drops (Oooohhh!) Begin to plop, (Plop, plop, plop!)
That's precipitation, folks, you all get drenched!

That's the weather folks, You got your money's worth.
Hot or cold or soakin' wet, Hey, how lucky can you get?
The weather show's the greatest show, The greatest show on Earth!

Yes sir!


  • Although the song was never aired on TV or the late 1990s VHS version of Science Rock (due to copyright issues by using the name of the Barnum and Bailey Circus) it was seen in another version of Science Rock.
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