The Green-Eyed Monster of Jealousy is a wolf-like monster and the main villain from the Quack Pack episode, "Snow Place to Hide".

Role in the Episode

The Green-Eyed Monster of Jealousy first appears out of nowhere after Donald says good-bye to Daisy for her ski business trip. Throughout the episode, because of Donald's jealousy, he tries to convince Donald into thinking Daisy is having another boyfriend(s) in her life behind his back like Kent Powers and Jean-Claude, therefore, making Donald grow more jealous and angrier and making him find ways to stop it from happening without being seen; even with the help of his nephews. In the end, everything backfires and both Donald and the Monster end up in the hospital. Donald realizes he was wrong to be jealous, Daisy forgives him and still admits her love to him, and the Monster gets himself trapped in the hospital bed by Donald in retaliation for all the lies and trouble he caused for him.


  • Donald also got a Green-Eyed Monster in the Carl Barks' comic story The Master Rainmaker, but the one in Quack Pack is unlikely based on the comic book one, who looked more devil-like.
  • The Monster's clothes bear a striking resemblance to Greasy's clothes from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.


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