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The Gross Sisters (Nubia,[3] Gina, and Olei Gross) are former antagonists from the Disney Channel TV series, The Proud Family.


The Gross Sisters started out as three bullying sisters, who go out in public, simultaneously exhibiting violent tendencies, and demanding money from school kids and anyone else unable to handle the overall-wearing trio. Their parents make Nubia, Gina, and Olei work on the weekends. The Gross family is entirely blue, including their clothes, excluding Mrs. Gross in the latter case; she is Jamaican, wears an orange floral outfit, and has her hair in dreadlocks with a hairclip. The reason for the Gross clan's blue skin is because they cannot afford lotion, and work in the hot sun all day.

Nubia is the middle child and the leader of the pack, considering she is the only one who can talk. Nubia is very reliant on her sisters to do her dirty work and collect the money for her, even though she treats them like garbage. Despite the abuse, Nubia is shown to secretly care for her parents and her sisters, but would never show it or admit it.

Gina is the oldest, despite being the smallest. She is mostly an untalkative girl. Gina collects money from her sister’s muggings; as a habit, she always has her hand out, even when both hands are required to do something.

Olei is the youngest, biggest, and least intelligent of the three sisters, as well as the most oppressed. Like Gina, Olei is quiet for all times. In the episode, "The Makeover", Olei got separated from her sisters and had to decide on whether to go back to hanging out with them or still hang out with Penny. For continuity's sake, she goes back to her sisters but secretly shows that she and Penny are still friends. This shows that Olei could be nice and sweet if her sisters were not so mean to her all the time.

Although they rarely get in trouble for their deeds, Gross sisters do get caught in one episode. They are usually friends with Penny, but sometimes they bully her and her friends. After witnessing Penny fighting the Carver clone on national television, they build respect for her with Nubia calling Penny "hardcore". Their catchphrase is "Hands up. Cash out".

By the time of Louder and Prouder, the Gross sisters have moved to same neighborhood as Penny and her friends, discarded their bullying ways, and joined the musical industry, becoming talented rappers with their own record label titled: Hands Up, Cash Out records. Gina does the song beats as a beat boxer, Olei relays the lyrical hook as a backup singer, and Nubia employs the main lyrics as the lead singer. While they have given up bullying, three siblings still give off an intimidation ambiance, expecting people to “invest”.


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  • Despite it being clearly obvious they are being abused by their parents (their father even referred to LaCienega as their "new worker" and put her to work during the cultural exchange), the sisters never try to get help from the guidance counselor, who could help arrange for them to be taken into foster care and be given chances at a better life.
  • The Gross Sisters are bullies similar to a mix between the fifth graders and the Ashleys from Recess and the Trix from Winx Club.
    • The Gross Sisters are also similar to the Greasers from CatDog and the Kanker Sisters from Ed, Edd n Eddy, as all three trios usually get away with their criminal actions.
  • The Gross Sisters may do some bad things, but they are more like villains/anti-heroes than total monsters.
  • According to Penny, Olei doesn't talk because she's shy. It is unknown if this is also the same for Gina.
    • The only times Olei spoke is when she gasped as Penny gave her a bracelet and when she cried when KG ran away from her.[4]
  • Their first names are a play of skincare products Olay, Neutrogena, and Nivea.
    • Ironically, they have ashy and dry complexions.
  • Ironically despite all the money they steal, they never buy lotion for their skin.
  • Nubia once dated Wizard Kelly's son.
  • Penny briefly became one of the Gross Sisters, but they kicked her out when Nubia realized that the fact that Penny was sent to boot camp makes her a real criminal instead of a bully.
  • Their background theme music sounds similar to that of "The Next Episode" by Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.


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