The Haunted Mansion: The Black Widow Bride is an online game based on The Haunted Mansion. In this game, the player helps the Hitchhiking Ghosts navigate through twelve different areas of Gracey Manor to escape the wrath of Constance Hatchaway. Using hints and riddles from Madame Leota, the player must search for the 999 Happy Haunts, solve challenges and puzzles, and release all five of the Black Widow's ex-husbands from imprisonment.


The player uses the mouse to move the Hitchhiking Ghosts around the levels. The Prisoner (Gus) can use his ball and chain to trigger floor switches and defeat ghostly suits of armor. The Traveler (Phineas) can phase through glowing portraits and use his bag to pick up objects and capture evil spiders. The Skeleton (Ezra) can throw balls of fire to illuminate dark areas and ward off the evil Bride. The player can switch between Ghosts by clicking their portraits or by pressing the corresponding number key.

Happy Haunts can be found anywhere -- out in the open, lurking in enemies, or hidden in furniture and chests. The meter on the lower left corner shows the number of Haunts in each level, as well as how many you've collected. Collecting enough Happy Haunts will yield a Skeleton Key to unlock the way to the next level.

The amount of health you have is shown by a red bar beneath the Ghosts' portraits. If you run out of health by taking hits from enemies, you'll have to start over from the beginning. Luckily, each of the levels has a record book from which your progress can be saved. These books also serve as checkpoints if all your health should be depleted. Keep an eye on the timer in the upper right corner as well; the remaining time yields a bonus.

Once you've reached the way out in each room, your total score is shown.


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