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The Image Works: Creative Playground of the Future (shortened down to just ImageWorks after a 1991 refurbishment) was the Imagination Pavilion's initial ImageWorks. The complex was housed in the two glass pyramids featured prominently on the roof of the pavilion. The end of the original Journey Into Imagination attraction had a small stairwell to reach the first floor, and subsequent ones to reach other floors. However, once the second incarnation, Journey Into Your Imagination, was created, the entryway was sealed off and a new ImageWorks, known as "The What-If Labs", was built on the lower floor over most of the original ride track.

The complex found partial use for private events and in the summer of 2006, it was used for testing the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure game with an ending scenario taking place in the ImageWorks. Unless being used for a private event, the complex's massive size makes it an ideal as a temporary storage facility. In 2016, the lobby of the original ImageWorks was turned into a Disney Vacation Club lounge, with the exhibit space being walled off, though remnants can still be found backstage.

Activities in the original Image Works[]

  • Dreamfinder's School of Drama - Using a bluescreen, guests put themselves into a movie under the direction of Dreamfinder (portrayed by Imagineer Joe Rohde). Choices were a western ("Daring Deputies and the Return of Sagebrush Sam"), a fantasy film ("Enchanted Travelers - Wily Wizard the Cranky King") or a science fiction film ("Acrobatic Astronauts in Galactic Getaway").
  • Pin Screens - Massive Pin Tables. In 2023, were present at Figment's Inspiration Station at the Odyssey Events Pavilion for the Epcot Festival of the Arts.
  • Stepping Tones - Guests create music from stepping on color panels.
  • Magic Palette - Guests could digitally color in pictures of Dreamfinder, Figment and the Imagination Pavilion.
  • Figment's Coloring Book - Guests use an early form of projection mapping to color three-dimensional images of Figment and Dreamfinder using electric "paintbrush guns".
  • The Sensor Maze "It Knows You're There" - An area based around sensor technology
    • Rainbow Corridor - The entrance to the Sensor Maze. A large tunnel that featured colored lights that followed the guests as they walked through with each guest getting a different color.
    • Image Warp - An effect that made the guests reflections warp like a funhouse mirror. Removed in 1991.
    • Voice Activated Lumia - A 6 foot-diameter (1.8 m) sphere that would respond with light effects to the guests' voices or sounds. Replaced by the Mirage Room in 1991.
    • Mirage Room - Guests could interact with mirrored animations of Figment that would disappear when guests tried to touch them.
    • Digital Wall - Lights would flash while guests stood in front of an invisible wall, giving the wall a computer like look. Was replaced in 1991 by a relocated Dreamfinder's School of Drama.
  • Electronic Philharmonic - By the usage of sensors, guests could conduct an orchestra.
  • Dreamfinder's Balloon Race - This exhibit featured five anamorphic discs which rotated (seemingly floating) inside of a glass table, at different speeds, with a viewing mirror in the center. This exhibit featured unique dialogue from Dreamfinder and Figment as they bantered during the "race".
  • Kaleidoscopes - Very large kaleidoscopes that could be controlled by the guests.
  • Bubble Music - In the small pyramid, bubbles were projected on circular screens under the guests control. When they overlap, they would create new colors.


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