The Impossible Berries is a 1954 Mickey Mouse story.


Stan Livingstone sends from Africa a package to Mickey, with instructions to not open it unless it's an emergency, and it must be kept in the fridge. When Mickey and Goofy find by the newspaper that Stan has disappeared while seeking the Bottomless Lake. Mickey considers it the emergency to open the package, which has five berries and a note telling they are "impossible berries" which allow whoever eats them to do something impossible. Mickey eats one and hitchhikes a plane, which actually lands to take him and Goofy. When reaching Africa, they find a tempest and the plane is too small to fly above the clouds, but Mickey eats another berry and the plane flies higher, reaching the world record of altitude.

Mickey and Goofy buy supplies and begin their search the following day. When a lion attacks, Mickey eats a berry and then falls, with his legs throwing the lion to a tree, albeit Mickey considers it a waste of a berry as it was a judo move, not impossible. In the Mumbo-Jumbo river, Mickey and Goofy find crocodiles, so Mickey cuts a berry by half, each eats a half and they cross the river on the crocodiles' backs.

On the other side of the river, Mickey finds Stan's hat with a note telling he was captured by a cannibal tribe. When they find the tribe village, the tribesmen pursue them and Mickey fins that Goofy bought motor oil instead of bullets because it was at an offer prize, so Mickey has no option but eat the last berry. It causes the tribesmen to suddenly leave, but Mickey knows they will return, so he and Goofy use the motor oil to make a ledge shine, so when the tribesmen return, they see their own reflection and charge against it, getting knocked out against the ledge.

Mickey and Goofy return to the village and find Stan Livingstone tied. After freeing Stan, they all return through a safer path Stan knows. When Mickey asks him for more impossible berries, Stan tells it's impossible, as the berries grow in the bottom of the Bottomless Lake, which is too deep, and they olny come to the surface each 100 years, which happened five days ago. Paradoxically, a way to get more berries would be to eat one, but there's no one left. Mickey then suggests to forget about the Impossible Berries, as most of the things they like to od are possible, to which Gooy agrees as he wants to sleep and sleeping is pretty possible.

This story was also used in The talking mickey mouse show as a tape for the doll called the impossible journey


  • Stan Livingstone is obviously named after the famous lost explorer.
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