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The Ink and Paint Club is a nightclub in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. This is where Jessica Rabbit performed the famous song, "Why Don't You Do Right?".


The name of the club reminds the main instruments of comic and cartoon creation and suggests the nature of its workers.

The password to gain entrance into the club is "Walt sent me" and has to be said to the bouncer, Bongo the Gorilla.

According to Mr. Maroon, the club is managed by Toons, but clients are exclusively human. Penguin waiters attend at the tables, keeping a small degree of toon humor: for example, when Eddie orders a drink "on the rocks", they put a real piece of rock in the glass instead of ice. The club allows clients to smoke when attending the shows, as suggested by Betty Boop selling cigars and cigarettes, with no known non-smoking areas for patrons (at the time).

While drinking at the tables, customers can enjoy some sketches performed by toons, both comical and purely musical: Donald Duck and Daffy Duck regularly perform a piano play which, thanks to their tempers and according to regular customer Marvin Acme, they never managed to finish: however, seems like watchers enjoy it more for their fights than rather their piano play.

Undeniably, the main event of the show is Jessica Rabbit's performance of her song, something always very appreciated by the audience. Betty Boop claims Acme never misses it.


In Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Eddie Valiant is sent to the Ink and Paint Club by R.K. Maroon in order to investigate some rumors about Roger Rabbit's wife which are causing the cartoon star to lower his performance. Here, Eddie has his first and only meeting with jovial prank tycoon Marvin Acme, Toontown's owner. Together, the two assist at Jessica's singing. After the song, Jessica and Marvin retire in her room and Eddie tries to spy them, but he's stopped by Bongo and thrown out; however, he manages to find a window and photograph them for Roger.

The Club is not seen again, but Roger mentions to have returned there to confront his wife and he found a piece of paper which he used to write a love letter to Jessica. That paper later was revealed to be Marvin Acme's will.

However, the club does reappear in the deleted pig head scene. During which, Eddie Valiant sneaks into Jessica’s dressing room to find the will, only to be caught by Bongo the gorilla and knocked unconscious. When he comes to, he finds himself confronted by Judge Doom. Using Bongo as his enforcer, judge Doom’s accuses Eddie for rummaging around in Jessica‘s dressing room. Jessica also adds in that a week ago, somebody wanted one of her nylon underwear as a souvenir. Eddie angrily confronts her, explaining that he was searching for Marvin Acme’s will and accuses her and R. K. Maroon of murdering Acme for it, much to Jessica’s chagrin. In addition to claiming that Acme had no will, Judge Doom calms an enraged Bongo by saying that he would have Eddie taken to Toontown as punishment, much to the detective’s horror. The weasels then enter the room reminding Eddie that they warned him not to get involved in the case before forcing him into their paddy wagon and taking him into Toontown to be tortured. The next day, Eddie would’ve had a toon pig head painted over him. Had this scene stayed in the movie, the club wouldn’t have appeared after this.

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