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The Ink and Paint Club is an hour-long television series, that ran on the Disney Channel in September 22, 1997 to February 5, 1998, featuring various classic Disney cartoon shorts, which was shown as part of Vault Disney. These episodes would usually consist of six or seven cartoon shorts each, all with some kind of theme.

Episode list

# Subject Featured shorts
1 Award Winners
2 Mickey Landmarks
3 Sports Goofy
4 Disney Firsts
5 Chip 'N Dale
6 All Figaro All the Time
7 Storybook Silly Symphonies
8 Bugged
9 Woodlore & Humphrey
10 Mickey, Donald & Goofy: Friends to the End
11 The Many Lives of Pegleg Pete
12 The Many Loves of Pluto
13 Silly Symphonies Get Wet
14 Early Donald
15 Jiminy Cricket is No Fool
16 Escapees from the Ark
17 Pluto's Rival Butch
18 A Bunch of Silly Symphonies
19 The Big Bad Wolves
20 Huey, Dewey, and Louie
21 Goin' to the Birds
22 Classic Mickey
23 The "Other" Mice
24 Symphonic Silly Symphonies
25 Goofy Goofs Around
26 Classic Donald
27 Meow! The Disney Cats
28 Early Mickey
29 Goin' Outside with the Silly Symphonies
30 '50s Donald
31 The Unseen Disney
32 Goin' to the Dogs
33 In the Nursery with the Silly Symphonies
34 Donald's Nephews
35 More Sports Goofy
36 Award Winners II
37 Mickey's Pal, Pluto
38 Infested Silly Symphonies
39 Minnie Mouse
40 Crazy Over Daisy
41 Jiminy Cricket: You and Yours
42 Goin' to the Zoo
43 On Vacation
44 Musical Mickey
45 More Donald
46 Disney Dreams
47 The Goofy Clan
48 The Return of Chip an' Dale
49 More Storybook Silly Symphonies
50 Storyteller Mickey
51 Triple Trouble
52 Rah! Rah! Disney Goes Athletic
53 Silly Symphonies at the Zoo
54 More Goin' to the Birds
55 Oooh! Scary!
56 Wartime Disney
57 From Zero to Hero
58 Silly Symphonies Go to the Birds
59 Clarabelle and Horace
60 The Mickey Boogie

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