"The Karate Cub" is the first segment of the twenty-seventh episode of the 2018 version of Muppet Babies. It premiered on December 6, 2019.[1]


Fozzie must learn some "Camilla-rate" in order to join Camilla's martial arts team, the Kickin' Chickens.



  • The episode reference to The Karate Kid.


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  • Kermit the Frog (voiced by Matt Danner) – A level-headed and good-hearted frog who enjoys acting out adventure and making music with his banjo. However, he can get flustered rather easily, usually by the antics of those around him. He is also the leader of the Muppet Babies.
  • Miss Piggy (voiced by Melanie Harrison[1]) – A beautiful and glamorous yet temperamental and self-centered pig who considers herself a star and harbors a crush on Kermit. She mostly speaks in a high-pitched voice but would at times greatly deepen when she gets passionate or angry. She is best friends with Summer.
  • Fozzie Bear (voiced by Eric Bauza[1]) – A fun-loving and goofy bear who aspires to be a comedian. He is also best friends with Kermit.
  • The Great Gonzo (voiced by Benjamin Diskin[1]) – A highly eccentric and unpredictable "whatever" who loves to do stunts and anything that can be considered weird.
  • Animal (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker[1]) – A frenzied monster who likes playing the drums.
  • Summer Penguin (voiced by Jessica DiCicco) – A good-hearted and sweet-natured penguin from the South Pole who loves to make art. She is best friends with Piggy.[2]
  • Miss Nanny (voiced by Jenny Slate[1][3]) – The caretaker of the Muppet Babies who is only seen from the shoulders down. The pattern on her stockings changes to reflect relevant elements in the episode plot. Miss Nanny won a gold medal in a gymnastics discipline at the Sport-A-Thon.
  • Camilla the Chicken (vocal effects provided by Melanie Harrison) – A white chick and Gonzo's best friend who is involved with the Muppet Babies' activities.

Other Muppets

  • Mr. Statler and Mr. Waldorf (voiced by Eric Bauza and Matt Danner respectively) – The neighbors of Miss Nanny who often comment about the Muppet Babies' activities from the balcony of their home.
  • Rizzo the Rat (voiced by Benjamin Diskin) – A self-centered and scheming rat who lives in the mouse hole in the Muppet Babies' playroom.
  • Dr. Bunsen Honeydew (voiced by Eric Bauza) – A young aspiring scientist.
  • Beaker (voiced by Matt Danner) – Bunsen’s assistant.
  • Dr. Teeth (performed by Bill Barretta) – The band leader of the Electric Mayhem. He appeared in a live-action transmission in "Muppet Rock" where he saw Animal perform backstage and is interested in having him join the Electric Mayhem. Animal turns him down for now as he needs to continue practicing.
  • Rowlf the Dog (voiced by Matt Danner) – A fun-loving and easygoing dog who loves to sing and make music, usually with his piano.
  • Sweetums (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) – An ogre who lives next door to the babies' daycare.
  • The Swedish Chef (voiced by Matt Danner) – A mock Swedish-speaking cooking prodigy.
  • Robin the Frog (voiced by Eric Bauza) – A small polliwog who is Kermit's nephew. He has a tail due to being in his tadpole state.
  • Scooter (voiced by Ogie Banks) – A young boy who wears a green and yellow track jacket.
  • Skeeter (voiced by Cree Summer) – Scooter's athletic twin sister who wears a sports-inspired purple jacket, a baseball-shaped watch, and pig tails.

Other characters

  • Priscilla – One of Camilla's fellow chicks who is yellow.
  • Beep – One of Camilla's fellow chicks who is brown and makes the sound of a car horn instead of clucking.
  • Carlos (voiced by Todrick Hall) - A blue frog that appears in "Frogs of a Feather". In "Frog Scouts", Carlos becomes part of the Frog Scouts alongside Kermit and Robin.
  • Mr. Manny (voiced by Dulé Hill) - A friend of Miss Nanny. Like Miss Nanny, his head is never shown. Mr. Manny is known for his catchphrase where he states that a certain thing "is groovy" which is always accompanied by Mr. Manny doing horizontal gestures with his hands, bending his knees, and doing a motion that has him wiggle his hips. He is also shown to be a volunteer at the local library and the scout troop leader of the Frog Scouts.
  • Rozzie (voiced by Charlie Townsend) - A young koala who is Fozzie's adopted sister.
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