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King of the Klondike, or The Argonaut of White Agony Creek, is a Scrooge McDuck comic by Don Rosa. It is the eighth of the original 12 chapters in the series The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck. The story takes place from 1896 to 1897 and deals with Scrooge McDuck who participates in the Klondike Gold Rush. It takes place before The Prisoner of White Agony Creek and Hearts of the Yukon.


Scrooge borrows some money from Soapy Slick in order to go to Dawson, Youkon. In Dawson he meets Glittering Goldie O'Gilt for the first time. Later he also meets Casey Coot for the first time. Then he goes to White Agony Creek where he finally discovers the Goose Egg Nugget.


The original title of the story was "The Phoenix of White Agony Creek" but Rosa changed it before publishing to "The Argonaut of White Agony Creek" which was used in Europe. For the later American publishing he used the new title "King of the Klondike".

The story uses "facts" from two stories by Carl Barks, "Back to the Klondike" and "North of the Yukon". Otherwise most of the story use real historic facts from the Klondike Gold Rush.

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