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The Legacy Collection: Robin Hood is the thirteenth installment of The Legacy Collection album series. It contains the full score of the film, released for the first time in its entirety. The album also includes five unreleased demos and the full 1974 album, Let's Hear It for Robin Hood.

Track listing

Disc One

# Title Artists/Notes
1 Main Title Instrumental
2 Whistle Stop Roger Miller
3 Oo-De-Lally Roger Miller
4 Hail John Instrumental
5 It's Only a Circus Instrumental
6 Fortune Tellers Instrumental
7 Enter the Sheriff Instrumental
8 Skippy's Birthday Gift Instrumental
9 A Lost Arrow Instrumental
10 Meeting Maid Marian Instrumental
11 To the Winner Instrumental
12 The Archery Affair Instrumental
13 Fooling Ol’ Bushel Britches Instrumental
14 Archer’s Processional Instrumental
15 Sir Hiss Suspects Instrumental
16 Well, Well Instrumental
17 The Loser Instrumental
18 Seize the Fat One Instrumental
19 Fight On Wisconsin Instrumental
20 There You Are Instrumental
21 Love Nancy Adams
22 The Phony King of England Phil Harris and Andy Devine
23 Double the Taxes Instrumental
24 Not In Nottingham Roger Miller
25 Not Yourself Today Instrumental
26 Bird Brain Instrumental
27 Lower the Bridge Instrumental
28 All’s Well That Ends Well Instrumental

Disc Two

# Title Artists/Notes
1 Whistle Stop Demo
2 Oo-De-Lally Roger Miller
3 Not in Nottingham Demo
4 Love Pete Renoudet
5 The Phony King of England Phil Harris, Andy Devine, Disney Studio Chorus
6 King Louie and Robin Hood Louis Prima
7 Robin and Me Louis Prima
8 Sherwood Forest Louis Prima
9 The Phony King of England Louis Prima, Disney Children's Chorus
10 Friar Tuck Louis Prima
11 Merry Men Louis Prima, Disney Children's Chorus
12 Love Louis Prima
13 Robin Hood Louis Prima

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