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The Life I Never Led is a song from the stage adaptation of Sister Act and Sister Mary Robert's only solo number.

Here, she tells Deloris how much she's changed she they've met and her desire to continue. Deloris implores on the girl that she needs to only discover the strength within herself to change and be who she is meant to be.

It reprised when Deloris returns to the convent nearly turned away by Mother Superior. Mary Roberts up to her and declares Deloris as one of them. In most productions, the song's final note is interrupted by Curtis and his goons.


I've never talked back
I've never slept late
I've never sat down
When told to stand straight
I've never let go
And gone with the flow
And don't even know, really, why

I've never asked questions
Or taken a dare
I've never worn clothes
That might make people stare
I've never rebelled
Or stood up and yelled
Or even just held my head high

And all of the feelings unspoken
All of the truths unsaid
They're all I have left
Of the life I never led

I've never gone surfing
Or ran with a crowd
Or danced on a table
Or laughed much too loud
I've never quite dared
To leave myself bared
I've just been too scared I might fall

I've never seen Paris
Swum naked
Been kissed
I've never quite realized
Just how much I've missed
And what did I get
For hedging each bet?
Another regret, and that's all

And all of the wishes unasked for
All of needs unfed
They're all that remain
Of the life I never led

And now...
Now that you've given me one
Little taste of it
And now...
Now that I know what I know
Well how...
How can I go on ignoring the waste of it?
After all of the years
That I've clung to my fears.
Won't you help me let go?
Help me let go!


I want to be brave
I want to be strong
I want to believe
I'm where I belong
To stand up and say
"I'm seizing the day"
To not just obey, but to choose

And I may not surf
I may not see France
But I have to know
I still have the chance
And maybe I'll make
A painful mistake
It's mine though, to take or refuse
And all of the doors yet to open
All of the rooms ahead

They're beaconing bright
Scary and new
But I'm standing tall
And I'm walking through
What's gone may be gone
But I won't go on
Playing dead!

It's time to start living
The life I never led

I've always been good
I've always obeyed.
I've lived as you taught me,
I've prayed as you've prayed.
I've never one missed
A rule on your list -
I've done as a sister should do.

But now, I won't bend!
Now, I won't bow!
My sister's in need
Of a sister right now!
And I will not stay
And blindly obey,
And just turn away
From what's true.

You promised one day god
Would call me -
Isn't that what you said?

Well, this is that day,
This is that call.
I'm either a sister
Or nothing at all.
So I'm going now,
Or leaving forever instead.
It's time to start living
The life I never led!

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