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The Lion King is a musical based on the 1994 Disney animated feature film of the same name with music by Elton John and lyrics by Tim Rice along with the musical score created by Hans Zimmer with choral arrangements by Lebo M.. Directed by Julie Taymor, the musical features actors in animal costumes as well as giant, hollow puppets. The show is produced by Disney Theatrical.

The musical debuted July 8, 1997, in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Orpheum Theatre, and was an instant success before premiering on Broadway at the New Amsterdam Theater on October 15, 1997 in previews with the official opening on November 13, 1997. On June 13, 2006, the Broadway production moved to the Minskoff Theatre to make way for the musical version of Mary Poppins, where it is still running after more than 5,350 performances. It is now Broadway's third longest-running show in history. As of April 2012, it is the highest grossing Broadway show of all time, having grossed $1,091,440,972.

The show debuted on the West End in London's Lyceum Theatre on October 19, 1999 and is still running. The cast of the West End production were invited to perform at the Royal Variety Performance 2008 at the London Palladium on December 11, in the presence of senior members of the British Royal Family.



The story follows a young lion cub named Simba, born into royalty as heir to his father, Mufasa's, throne. Mufasa's evil brother, Scar, desires power over the kingdom and conspired with a legion of hyenas to kill Mufasa and Simba, and take over the land in their place. While Mufasa is murdered, Simba survives the attack and is blamed, by Scar, for his father's demise. Exiled, Simba must regain his courage and face the difficulties of his past to defeat Scar and reclaim his role in the Circle of Life.

Act I[]

As the sun rises over the Pridelands, Rafiki the mandrill summons the animals to Pride Rock, where she greets King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi, and presents their newborn cub to the gathered animals ("Circle of Life"). Elsewhere, Mufasa's younger brother Scar, laments how he has been passed over as king. At her baobab tree, Rafiki names the newborn prince: Simba.

Simba grows into a lively cub ("Grasslands Chant"). From the top of Pride Rock, Mufasa tells Simba about how all living things exist in the delicate balance of the Circle of Life, and warns him not to go beyond the borders of the Pridelands, pointing out a shadowy area in the distance. Zazu, a hornbill who acts as Mufasa's advisor, arrives to deliver his daily report on the affairs of the kingdom ("Morning Report", cut from the Broadway production).

Simba visits his uncle Scar, and the sinister lion piques the young cub's curiosity by mentioning the elephant graveyard, where Simba is forbidden to go. Meanwhile the lionesses go hunting ("Lioness Hunt"). Simba arrives and asks his best friend Nala to come with him to the elephant graveyard, lying to the lionesses about where they are going. Nala's mother Sarafina and Sarabi allow the cubs to go, but send Zazu as an escort. Simba and Nala formulate a plan and manage to ditch Zazu, while Simba brags about his future as king ("I Just Can't Wait to be King").

The two cubs explore the elephant graveyard, where Zazu catches up to them; the three are confronted by a trio of hyenas, Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed, who intend to kill and eat the trespassers and gloat about their find ("Chow Down"). Mufasa arrives and chases the hyenas off.

Mufasa is disappointed and angry with Simba, and explains the difference between bravery and bravado. Mufasa tells Simba about how the great kings of the past watch over everything from the stars ("They Live in You"). Mufasa tells Simba he will always be there for him. Later, he discusses Simba's behavior with Zazu, who reminds the king he had the same tendency to get into trouble when he was Simba's age.

Back at the elephant graveyard, Scar rallies the hyenas to take over the Pridelands, promising them they will never go hungry again. ("Be Prepared) The next day, Scar takes Simba to a gorge, and tells him to wait there. On Scar's signal, the hyenas cause a wildebeest stampede ("The Stampede"). Scar rushes to Mufasa, telling him Simba is in the gorge. Mufasa rescues Simba, and begs Scar to help him up, but the treacherous lion throws his brother into the stampede, where he is trampled to death. Simba finds Mufasa's body, and Scar tells the cub that Mufasa's death is his fault, before telling him to run away. As Simba leaves, Scar orders the hyenas to kill him. Simba escapes, but the hyenas tell Scar that he is dead. Back at Pride Rock, Rafiki and the lionesses mourn the deaths ("Rafiki Mourns"), as Scar claims the throne ("Be Prepared (Reprise)". Rafiki returns to her tree and smears the drawing of Simba, while Nala and Sarabi grieve.

In the desert, Simba collapses from heat exhaustion. Vultures gather, but the birds are scared off by the meerkat and warthog duo Timon and Pumbaa. They take Simba back to their home in a jungle oasis, where they teach them their carefree lifestyle ("Hakuna Matata"). Simba comes of age in the oasis.

Act II

Chorus members dressed in colorful costumes with ornate bird puppets and kites begin the second act ("One by One"). As the song ends, the colorful birds are replaced by vultures and antelope skeletons. Under Scar's reign, the Pridelands is a dying wasteland and the Circle of Life is out of balance. Zazu, who has been imprisoned by Scar, listens to the king's woes. The hyenas are complaining about the lack of food, while Scar is only concerned about himself and why no-one loves him. He is haunted by visions of Mufasa and rapidly switching between delusional confidence and paranoia ("The Madness of King Scar"). When Nala confronts Scar about the famine, Scar decides to make Nala his queen and have cubs with her. Nala fiercely rebukes him, and leaves the Pridelands to find help, as Rafiki and the lionesses wish her well ("Shadowland").

Back at the oasis, Timon and Pumbaa want to sleep, but Simba is unable to settle. Annoyed, Simba leaves them, but Timon and Pumbaa follow him. Simba jumps across a fast-moving river and challenges Timon to do the same. Timon falls into the water and is swept downstream. He grabs a branch overhanging a waterfall, and calls for Simba to help him, but Simba is paralyzed by a flashback of Mufasa's death. Timon falls and Simba snaps out of the flashback, rescuing his friend, but feeling ashamed because he almost died due to his recklessness.

Later that night, the three settle down to sleep and discuss the stars. Simba recalls Mufasa's words, but his friends laugh the notion off. Simba leaves, expressing his loneliness and bitterly recalling Mufasa's promise that he would always be there ("Endless Night"). Rafiki hears the song on the wind, and is overjoyed that Simba is alive, drawing a mane on her painting of Simba.

In the oasis, a lioness attacks Pumbaa. Simba defends his friend and recognizes the lioness as Nala. She is amazed that Simba is alive, knowing he is the rightful king. Timon and Pumbaa are confused, but Simba asks them to leave him and Nala alone. Timon realizes what's happening and laments the end of their Hakuna Matata lifestyle ("Can You Feel the Love Tonight"). Nala tells Simba about the ruined Pridelands, but Simba refuses to return, still feeling responsible for Mufasa's death.

Alone, Simba meets Rafiki, who explains his father lives on ("He Lives in You"). Mufasa's spirit appears in the sky and tells Simba he is the true king, and must take his place in the Circle of Life. Reawakened, Simba finds his courage and heads for home. Meanwhile, Nala tracks down Timon and Pumbaa and asks them where Simba is, before Rafiki arrives to tell them he has returned. The three of them catch up to him in the Pridelands, where he witnesses his ruined home. Timon and Pumbaa distract the hyenas, allowing Simba and Nala to reach Pride Rock.

Scar confronts Sarabi and asks him why she and the lionesses are not hunting. Sarabi stands up to him, telling him that there is nothing to hunt, before angrily comparing him to Mufasa, and Scar strikes her. Enraged, Simba reveals himself. Scar forces a confession of murder out of Simba and corners him. Believing he has won, Scar taunts his nephew by revealing he killed Mufasa. A furious Simba forces Scar to confess and he reveals the truth to the lionesses ("Simba Confronts Scar"). Simba's friends battle the hyenas, while Simba confronts Scar at the top of Pride Rock. Scar begs for his life, blaming the hyenas for everything. Simba lets Scar leave out of mercy, but the wicked lion attacks again. Simba blocks the attack and Scar is sent plummeting from Pride Rock, where the starving hyenas, who overheard the betrayal, tear him to shreds.

With the battle won, Simba's friends come forward and acknowledge him as the rightful king. Simba ascends Pride Rock and roars his proclamation across the kingdom ("King of Pride Rock"). The Pridelands recover and the animals gather in celebration as Rafiki presents Simba and Nala's newborn cub, continuing the Circle of Life ("Circle of Life (Reprise)".


Many of the animals portrayed in the production are actors in costume using extra tools to move their costumes. For example, the giraffes are portrayed by actors carefully walking on stilts. For principal characters such as Mufasa and Scar, the costumes feature mechanical headpieces that can be raised and lowered to foster the illusion of a cat "lunging" at another. Other characters, such as the hyenas, Zazu, Timon, and Pumbaa, are portrayed by actors in life-sized puppets or costumes. The Timon character is described by Taymor as one of the hardest roles to master, because the movement of the puppet's head and arms puts a strain on the actor's arms, back, and neck.


Production Simba Nala Scar Mufasa Rafiki Timon Pumbaa Zazu Shenzi Banzai Ed Sarabi Young Simba Young Nala
Original Broadway cast Jason Raize Heather Headley John Vickery Samuel E. Wright Tsidii Le Loka Max Casella Tom Alan Robbins Geoff Hoyle Tracy Nicole Chapman Stanley Wayne Mathis Kevin Cahoon Gina Breedlove Scott Irby-Ranniar Kajuana Shuford
Original West End cast Roger Wright Paulette Ivory Rob Edwards Cornell John Josette Bushell-Mingo Simon Gregor Martyn Ellis Gregory Gudgeon Stephanie Charles Paul J. Medford Christopher Holt Dawn Michael Luke Youngblood Pippa Bennett-Warner / Nathalie Emmanuel /Dominique Moore
First U.S. Tour Josh Tower Kissy Simmons Patrick Page Alton Fitzgerald Wright Fredi Walker-Browne John Plumpis Blake Hammond Jeffrey Binder Jacquelyn Hodges James Brown-Orleans Wayne Pile Jean Michelle Grier Akil Lugman/Christopher Warren, Jr. Paula Collins/Cajai Fellows Johnson
Zebra Tour (UK Tour, 2012-2015) Nicholas Nkuna Carole Stennett/Ava Brennan Stephen Carlile Cleveland Cathnott Gugwna Dlamini John Hasler Mark Roper/Lee Ormsby Meilyr Sion Me'sha Bryan Daniel Norford Philip Oakland Teisha Duncan Nana Agyeman-Bediako/Solomon Gordon/Jude Blake Jessica Kesse/Sophia Tejero/Eve Midgley
Current West End Cast Owen Chaponda Merryl Ansah George Asprey Shaun Escoffery Thenjiwe Thendive Nofemle Alan McHale Mark Roper Gary Jordan Melone M'Kenzy Jorell Coiffic-Kamall Mark Tatham Sadia McEwen Emrys Zeph Adamah/Ebrahim Joof }
Gonzalo Campos Lopez Nokwanda Khuzwayo Jerry Marwig Lamont Alexander Pierce Bongiwe Malunga Jan Rogler S'Thembiso Keith Mashiane Joachim Benoit Noluthando Sithole Simon Phezani Gwala Sean Gerard Kayla Briana Pierce

Variations from the 1994 film[]


  • Rafiki's gender was changed to a female role, because Taymor believed that there was generally no leading female character in the film.
  • A major narrative addition is the depiction of Nala's departure in the scene "The Madness of King Scar," where the mentally deteriorating villain tries to make Nala his mate. Nala refuses and later announces her intention to depart the Pride Lands and find help. She receives the blessings of the lionesses and Rafiki during the new song "Shadowland."

Plot points[]

  • The hyenas Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed have their own musical number titled "Chow Down" where they plan to eat Simba and Nala who stumble upon the Elephant Graveyard.
  • When Mufasa talks to Simba about his ancestors, he sings a variation of "He Lives in You" titled "They Live in You".
  • A conversation between Mufasa and Zazu about Mufasa's parenting was added.
  • The scene featuring a cheetah preparing to hunt a giraffe was added, followed by Scar leading Simba to the gorge where the "Stampede" sequence would later begin. In the original, there was no scene with a cheetah preparing to hunt a giraffe.
  • The scene where Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed warm Simba that they will kill him if he comes back to the Pride Lands was replaced with a scene where Rafiki and the lionesses mourn over Mufasa's dead body, before moving on to Scar's plan to take over Pride Rock.
  • During the scene where Scar and the hyenas take over Pride Rock, he and the hyenas sing a reprise of "Be Prepared". This was not in the final version of the original film; however, it was included in a deleted scene after Nala refuses to be Scar's queen.
  • After the musical number "Hakuna Matata", it includes a musical number where a large chorus begins the second act using bird puppets and kites.
  • Starving antelopes were seen during the opening of the second act, which is set during the famine.
  • The part with Zazu singing a song to impress Scar but only to annoy him during the famine features a different song depending on the local production. For example, in the original Broadway adaptation, he sings a snippet of "Be Our Guest" while in the Las Vegas production at Mandalay Bay, he sings a snippet of "Viva Las Vegas". In the film, he sings snippets of "It's a Small World" and "I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts" before moving on to the musical number "The Madness of King Scar".
  • A perilous scene in which Timon finds himself nearly drowning in a waterfall, while Simba feels powerless to help him as two crocodiles prepare to eat him.
  • While the film has several pop-culture references, the musical takes a broader approach by breaking the fourth wall several times; this is most prominent with the character of Zazu.
    • For example during the beginning of the musical number "I Just Can't Wait to be King", he rarely shouts to Simba and Nala "Not what you did in the cartoon", referring to the original film where Zazu was crushed by a rhinoceros at the end of the musical number.
  • In the film, when Timon and Pumbaa distract the hyenas, Timon dances the hula. In the musical, he dances the Charleston.


Act I[]

  1. "Nants' Ingonyama"/"Circle of Life" - Rafiki and Ensemble
  2. "Grasslands Chant" - Lebo M, Ensemble
  3. "The Morning Report" - Zazu, Young Simba, and Mufasa
  4. "The Lioness Hunt" - Lebo M, Ensemble
  5. "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" - Young Simba, Young Nala, Zazu, and Ensemble
  6. "Chow Down" - Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed
  7. "They Live in You" - Mufasa and Ensemble
  8. "Be Prepared" - Scar, Shenzi, Banzai, Ed, and Ensemble
  9. "The Stampede!"/"Rafiki Mourns" - Ensemble, Rafiki, Ensemble, and Zazu
  10. "Hakuna Matata" - Timon, Pumbaa, and Simba

Act II[]

  1. "One by One" - Lebo M, Ensemble
  2. "The Madness of King Scar" - Scar, Shenzi, Banzai, Ed, Zazu, and Nala
  3. "Shadowland" - Nala, Rafiki, and Ensemble
  4. "Endless Night" - Simba and Ensemble
  5. "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" -
  6. "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" - Timon, Pumbaa, Simba, Nala, and Ensemble
  7. "He Lives in You" (Reprise) - Rafiki, Simba, and Ensemble
  8. "Timon Hula"/"Simba Confronts Scar" - Instrumental
  9. "King of Pride Rock"/"Circle of Life" (Reprise) - Rafiki, Simba, Nala, Pumbaa, Timon, Zazu, and Ensemble



  • Like its predecessor, the Beauty and the Beast musical, the show adds more songs to its stage production, including Morning Report, sung by Zazu the hornbill and later added to the film for the Platinum Edition DVD release.
  • "Shadowland," originally featured on the CD Rhythm of the Pride Lands with Zulu lyrics as "Lea Halelela", was adapted for the musical with new English lyrics. It is sung by Nala, the lionesses, and Rafiki.
  • "Endless Night", also from Rhythm of the Pride Lands with Swahili lyrics as "Lala" is sung by Simba while reflecting on Mufasa's promise to always be there.
  • "One By One" from the Rhythm of the Pride Lands CD was adapted as the rousing African-styled Entre Act sung by the chorus at the opening of the second act.
  • During the show's run in China, Chinese elements were included in the musical. One of the songs was adapted to a well-known Chinese pop song, "Laoshu ai dami" or "Mice Love Rice". The cast even cracked jokes and attempted conversations with the audience in Chinese.
  • As of June 27, 2010, nine minutes of the Broadway version were cut (these cuts also affect the US National Touring productions):
  • Composer Lebo M led the original Broadway chorus. The chorus members are usually visible in the production, rather than being hidden in the shadows as seen in some other musical shows.
  • There are 232 puppets and costumes, representing 25 species of animal.
  • A new section of the production, the Lioness Hunt, features a particularly complicated dance sequence for the actresses, and the dance is made even more difficult by the large headpieces worn during the scene.
  • "Timon Hula" is often portrayed as "Luau Hawaiian Treat" in other versions of the musical.
  • Several of the actors who portrayed Simba, Mufasa, and Timon were in Disney animated films; Jason Raize was the voice of Denahi in Brother Bear, while Samuel E. Wright and Max Casella appeared in Dinosaur and The Little Mermaid. E. Wright played Kron while Casella plays Zini. Wright also voiced Sebastian (which he also voiced in the first movie) while Casella voiced Tip in the film.


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