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"The Little Things We Do" is a Schoolhouse Rock! song, from Schoolhouse Rock! Earth. The song focuses on energy conservation in different ways.

Song Lyrics

Dorough: Mr. Morton wasn't famous or important

Lived an ordinary little life

He had a son named Norton, a cat named Orton

And Pearl was his wife

Pearl liked to shower for about an hour

Little Norton never turned off lights

And as for Orton the cat

He wouldn't scat till they turned up the thermostat

Pearl: Come on now, Orton, scat!

Dorough: One night, the Mortons all were watching television

When they heard the news

Reporter 1: Due to energy consumption that's causing global warming, the Earth has got the blues.

Reporter 2: The arctic's melting, the sea is rising

We have got to set the Earth to rights

Dorough: And even Orton the cat dropped his rat

And he stared at the thermostat

Ahrens: Must be something we can do

Must be something we can try

Mr. Morton said:

Mr. Morton: I may be ordinary but an ordinary guy

Could be important with a capital I

I can turn off the lights when they're not in use

Unplug things that keep using juice

Instead of driving where I like

I can take the bus or walk or bike

Norton: Instead of turning up the thermostat

I can put on a sweater and hug the cat

Pearl: Bring my own cloth bag to the grocery store

And when I shower, I'll keep it short

Mortons: Oh, it's the little things we do, you and I

That can save the world by and by

Oh it's the little things we do if we try

It's important

Mr. Morton: With a capital I

Dorough: I can plant a tree and keep the house real cool

Ahrens: Carpool when we go to school

Mr. Morton: Tune up the car, drive a little bit slower

Dorough: Mow that lawn with a real push mower

Ahrens: Talk to friends and neighbors, too

About how to help and what to do

All: Now Mr. Morton, Norton, Pearl

And even the cat are saving the world

Oh, it's the little things we do, you and I

That can save the world by and by

Oh it's the little things we do if we try

It's important with a capital I

Dorough: Now, the Mortons may be ordinary people

But they're working at their new routine

Pearl: Mr. Morton's head of neighborhood recycling

His whole town is thinking green

Mr. Morton: Ordinary, well not so very

It's important and I'll tell you why

We're saving energy now knowing how

All: It's important with a capital I

Mr. Morton: And even Orton the cat gets a pat

When he turns down the thermostat


Mr. Morton from his 1st song returns in this song.

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