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The Littlest Outlaw is a film produced by Walt Disney Productions. It was filmed entirely on location in Mexico in English, with a largely Mexican cast and crew and released by Buena Vista Distribution on December 22, 1955. It was directed by Roberto Gavaldón and written by Larry Lansburgh (story), and Bill Walsh.


Little Pablito is the ten year old stepson of a cruel horse trainer. The trainer is responsible for training a Mexican General's horse to jump for the grand race. The trainer's methods cause the horse to become afraid of jumping and the general orders the animal's death. Pablito runs away with the horse, becoming a fugitive. He travels throughout Mexico encountering several fugitives and a priest who tries to help.


  • Pedro Armendáriz as Gen. Torres
  • Joseph Calleia as Padre
  • Rodolfo Acosta as Chato
  • Andrés Velázquez as Pablito
  • Laila Maley as Celita
  • Pepe Ortiz as Himself (matador)
  • Gilberto González as Tiger
  • José Torvay as Vulture
  • Jorge Treviño as Barber
  • José Ángel Espinosa 'Ferrusquilla' as Señor Garcia
  • Enriqueta Zazueta as Señora Garcia
  • Irving Lee as Gypsy (as Señor Lee)
  • Carlos Ortigoza as Doctor
  • Margarito Luna as Silvestre
  • Ricardo Gonzáles as Marcos


Copyright info[]

The film's copyright was renewed on March 11, 1982.[1]