"The Living Holiday Lights" is a special holiday episode of Special Agent Oso.


Oso has to help three different children around the world prepare for three different holidays. Celeste uses an Advent wreath for Christmas, Noah uses a menorah for Hanukkah, and Brayden uses a kinara for Kwanzaa. Along the way, Oso learns that family and friends are the most important gift of all.


  • This is a half-hour-long episode.
  • This episode reveals that Whirlybird and Rapide are brother figures. Both are voiced by Cam Clarke.
  • The music heard at the beginning of the episode is a rock-and-roll version of the Russian Dance from "The Nutcracker Suite".
  • R.R. Rapide introduces Oso to his train cousin, Vapeur.
  • Oso's holiday gift is a visit from all the friends he has ever helped in previous special assignments, who make cameo appearances in this special. Some of the kids include Joe from "A View to a Book", Jade from "On Her Cousin's Special Salad", and Danny from "Never Say No Brushing Again".
  • This episode is only aired during the month of December.
  • All three special assignments involve candles.
  • This is the first time Dotty has a jet pack.
  • Rapide's mom is voiced by Dotty's voice actress, Amber Hood.
  • This is the first time that Dotty, Wolfie, and Buffo appear in the same episode.
  • Although this episode aired before "For Angels with Snow" did, Liam (who appears in said episode) made a cameo appearance in this episode.
  • Oso's assignment to help Brayden does not feature a countdown.
  • The episode's title is a reference to the James Bond film The Living Daylights.
  • This is the only episode where Oso manages to complete is training assignment on his first try, though it could be possible he failed it before the events of the episode started.


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