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The Lizzie McGuire Movie is a soundtrack album for the film, released on April 22, 2003.

It is mostly composed of songs from or inspired by the film, including Hilary Duff's "Why Not" and sister Haylie's "Girl in the Band". "Why Not" was released as a single outside the United States on June 23, 2003, and later included on Hilary Duff's second album, Metamorphosis, with different lyrics in the first verse. The album has been certified platinum by the CRIA and 2x platinum by the RIAA has sold 2,000,000 copies in the U.S.

Track listing

No. TitleWriter(s)Performer(s) Length
1. "Why Not"  Charlie Midnight, Matthew GerrardHilary Duff 2:59
2. "The Tide is High (Get the Feeling)"  John Holt, Garth Evans, Howard Barrett, Brian Padley, Jermey GodfreyAtomic Kitten 3:22
3. "All Around the World"  Samuel Hollander, David Schammer, Jill CunniffCooler Kids 4:12
4. "What Dreams Are Made Of" (Ballad Version)Dean Pitchford, Matthew WilderYani Gellman, Haylie Duff 1:44
5. "Shining Star"  Maurice White, Philip Bailey, Larry DunnJump5 3:17
6. "Volaré"  Mitchell Parish, Francesco Migliacci, Domenico ModugnoVitamin C 3:00
7. "Open Your Eyes (To Love)"  David FriedmanLMNT 2:29
8. "You Make Me Feel Like a Star" (Lizzie Mix)Candice Beu, Christie Beu, S. Peiken, R. NeigherThe Beu Sisters 3:05
9. "Supermodel"  RuPaul Charles, Jimmy Harry, Lawrence ThomTaylor Dayne 3:45
10. "What Dreams Are Made Of"  Pitchford, WilderHilary Duff 4:02
11. "On an Evening in Roma"  A. Taccani, U. BertiniDean Martin 2:24
12. "Girl in the Band"  Chico Bennett, MidnightHaylie Duff 3:02
13. "Orchestral Suite from The Lizzie McGuire Movie"  Cliff EidelmanCliff Eidelman 7:31
14. "Why Not" (McMix)Midnight, GerrardHilary Duff 2:50


Chart (2003) Peak
Australian Albums Chart 6
Canadian Albums Chart 8
Chart (2004) Peak
US Billboard 200 6
US Billboard Top Kid Audio 4
US Billboard Top Soundtracks 1
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