The Lone Chipmunk is a 1954 animated short starring Chip and Dale and Pete released April 7, 1954.


The episode begins with Black Pete entering an Old West town guns blazing. He then robs the town bank and escapes on his horse. The scene then shows Chip and Dale preparing for winter and stash their acorns in their tree. A wanted poster of Pete with a reward or $10,000 is placed on the hole where Chip went with some acorns. He then accidentally puts his face in the poster which Dale thought his friend turned to crime. Pete shows up at his hiding spot and stashes the money in a chest he hid in a tree. The tree the chest was in was also the home of Chip and Dale with their stash of acorns. Pete then make breakfast while singing Home on The Range. Seeing the wanted outlaw, they make many attempts to capture him. They try to pull him off with a rock on a rope. Chip is held by Pete which he thought was a salt shaker. Chip is suddenly pulled away which panics Pete who hides behind a rock and begins firing wildly at nothing. He brushes it off, then Chip and Dale load a tobacco bag with gunpowder from some of Pete's bullets and turns it into a cigarette. He throws it away which it lands behind the chipmunks and explodes. Pete again panics and fires blindly. He then becomes frantic and decides to move on He grabs his chest only to find it full of acorns. He finds his money on the ground in a path. He gathers the money while ironically falling into a pit trap. He finds the chipmunks and begins to shoot at them. They retreat to their tree. They then attempt to take one of the guns away from Pete. Chip pulls out the gun but falls due to the weight of the gun. It suddenly begins to fire off out of control, Pete retaliates pulling out his gun but instead pulls out Dale who was stuck in the holster to which Dale acts like a gun. Chip then points the gun at Pete to which he surrenders. Chip then ironically twirls the gun too fast to which he twirls with it. The gun then goes off again which shoots off his hat and grazes some hair off his head. Pete then tries to sweet talk his way out which Chip denies, He spins the chamber of the gun which falls out of the gun disarming it. Dale grabs one of the spurs on Pete's boots and using the spike to trigger the bullets on Pete's belt. They then tickle him, and Dale rides the spur down Pete's back which hurts him to the point of charging after him. Chip grabs the frying pan with the eggs and bacon and puts it in the path of Pete which he hits it and is the dazed and then covered in maple syrup and the money he stole. He is then captured by the cavalry. Chip and Dale ride off to town known as the Lone Chipmunks.

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  • The animation of Pete robbing the bank and shooting up the town is reused from Two Gun Goofy.
  • The gag with Pete mistaking Dale for his gun was reused in the Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers pilot, "To the Rescue."
  • The gag with Chip and Dale entering Pete to tickle him was reused in the Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers episode, "Throw Mummy from the Train."
  • The short's title and the chipmunks' alias is a parody of the Lone Ranger.
  • This cartoon marks Pete's final appearance in the Golden Age of American animation, and the last of the three cartoons in the Chip n' Dale series.
  • This was the only time Pete and Chip 'n Dale would appear in the same cartoon, until 1983 in Mickey's Christmas Carol.



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