"The Magic Key" is a deleted song from Disney's 1963 animated feature film, The Sword in the Stone. The Sherman Brothers sing this song while playing the piano in 2000.

According to the Sherman Brothers the song was to focus on the education that Merlin was trying to teach Wart, but they did not get the chance to express it musically. The song also has more meaning than "Higitus Figitus."


Merlin: With a hey-down-derry and a derry-dum-dee,
Fill you noggin full of knowledge and then you'll see.
What a glorious experience your life will be
A noggin full of knowledge is the magic key.

Arthur: Magic key? Magic key to what?

Merlin: The key to the doors to the future and past
Of both be yours to explore at last.
The greatest adventure of more you'll see
A noggin full of knowledge is the magic key.

Archimedes: Magic key, derry-dum-dee. Magic key, derry-dum-dee.

Merlin: With a noggin full of knowledge, you're bound to find
The thrill of the ability to use your mind.
Mathematics and philosophy and history
Are very necessary for the magic key.

Arthur: But I can't read!

Merlin: With a hey-down-derry and a derry-dum-dee,
You got to learn the alphabet from A to Z.
Letters make words and words you'll see
Are very necessary for the magic key.

Archimedes: A to Z, derry-dum-dee. A to Z, magic key.

Merlin: If you read your history, read it well
You can see why empires rose and fell.
And if you learn the lessons of your history,
Yes, you're a processor of the magic key.

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