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Magical Quest GBA Boxart

Cover art to the Game Boy Advance version.

The Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse (Mickey no Magical Adventure in Japan) is a Mickey Mouse video game released in 1992 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was the first of three Magical Quest games made by Capcom. The game was followed by The Great Circus Mystery starring Mickey and Minnie and Disney's Magical Quest 3 starring Mickey and Donald.

The game was remade for the Game Boy Advance in 2002 under the title Disney's Magical Quest Starring Mickey & Minnie. Published by Nintendo, the GBA version adds Minnie to the game as a playable character who is identical to Mickey in terms of gameplay. The GBA port also introduced a save feature and a character select screen, similar to that of the SNES version of The Great Circus Mystery.


The game features Mickey Mouse (or Minnie, in the GBA version) traveling across a strange land that is ruled by the evil Emperor Pete after he dognaps Pluto. After an incident where during a game of catch, Mickey throws the ball too far, causing Pluto to chase after the ball.

Goofy offers to find Pluto and starts searching for the missing dog. Mickey at first trusts his friend to find Pluto, but his worry prompts him to undertake the task himself. Shortly after, Mickey runs off of a cliff, and drops into a fantastic land of magic.

With the help of a wizard, Mickey sets out to find his friend and stop Pete's tyranny. Upon defeating the despotic emperor and his minions, Mickey manages to rescue Pluto.

In the end, Mickey wakes up in bed and finds out that the entire magical quest was a dream. Donald greets Mickey at his bedroom window and says that he found the ball that went missing, requesting that they play another game of catch (implying that Mickey ended up getting knocked out during their earlier game).


Unlike its sequels, the first game in the series lacks the ability to save or load progress (which means players would have to the beat the game in a single sitting). And although it supports two players, they cannot play simultaneously. A player only gains control when the other dies.

Mickey's outfits in this game include: a magician outfit, which enables him to shoot magic; a firefighter uniform that enables him to continually spray water; and mountain-climbing gear that gives him a grappling hook that can attach to certain surfaces and objects. When wearing the magician or firefighter outfits, Mickey's magic and water abilities are limited, and must be recharged by collecting magic lamps and fire hydrants.


There are six worlds, with 3 or 4 levels within them. In the last level of each world there's a boss that is always a giant animal or artifact that is enchanted by Emperor Pete's magic, (except for the last world, where Emperor Pete is fought). Some worlds also have mini-bosses, who are Pete's henchmen with different abilities. 

  1. Treetops - The first world begins in the canopy of a serene and sunny forest. At the top, magical tomatoes grow, which the player can use smaller ones to fly, and ride on top of larger ones. As the level progresses, the setting goes from the canopy to the forest floor, where there are pools of water. Enemies are weak and easy to kill: there are ladybugs, bees, Pete's soldiers and in the level 1-3 there are also some hostile frogs, beavers and starfish. In level 1-2, a bat is fought as a mini-boss, who attacks by swooping and spawning smaller bats. By the end of level 1-4, the player must fight a giant snake to progress to the next world.
  2. Dark Forest - The second world is the deeper part of the woods, which is far darker and gloomier than the forest from before. The player obtains the Magician outfit from the wizard before entering, and is granted the power to cast magic. New enemies like forest ladybugs, Pete's archers and carnivorous plants appear in this world. The waters of the dark forest are the home of giant fish that immediately kill the player. In level 2-2 there is a flooded hollow tree, where the player must swim through while wearing their magician costume, while avoiding the beetles and worms that live there. At the end of this level the mini-boss is a jungle plant man who looks similar to the bat from the first level, and who attacks by throwing spiked seeds. At the end of level 2-4 there's the boss, a giant spider enchanted by Pete who throws webs to capture the player.
  3. Fire Grotto - The third world is a cave that is filled with fire and magma. In the level 3-1 there are some bats and a mini-boss who throws fireballs and creates lava columns by pounding his hammer. In level 3-2, the player obtains the firefighter outfit, and uses it to douse fire creatures such as living flames and lava bats, though they respawn after a few seconds. In level 3-4 is the boss, a giant fire statue suspended over a lava pit. The player must use the rotating platforms near it to stay out of the lava pit, avoid the boss's fireball attacks, and douse the statue with their firefighter costume. When the statue takes enough damage, the platforms change direction and spin faster, making the boss harder to hit.
  4. Pete's Peak - This world is a windy mountain inhabited by a giant mother eagle enchanted by Pete. Mickey obtains his last outfit, the mountaineer costume, and now can use ropes to climb. The common enemies are the chicks of the giant bird. There are also other Pete's soldiers, more powerful and with shield and the same bees of the world 1. There are only 3 levels and no mini-bosses. At the end of level 4-3, the giant bird is fought. The player must use their mountaineer costume to keep from being blown off the mountain and to take eggs from the bird to use as ammunition to fight back. 
  5. Frozen Plain - A frozen, icy world. It has only 3 levels, no mini-bosses and it's somewhat easier than other worlds. There are only slopes that the player slides along, with strange hairy creatures to fight. Along the way, there are small blocks of ice that can be used as sleds for a high speed ride. At certain places, the firefighter costume can be used to create icy platforms. At the end of level 4-3 is the boss, an ice-skating walrus who is enchanted by Pete. The player must avoid his snowball attacks and defeat him by jumping on his head. 
  6. Pete's Castle - The last stage. The castle of Emperor Pete. It's full of enemies and traps, and it contains all of the preceding mini-bosses. At the end of the level, the player faces against Emperor Pete in his throne room. He's very strong and he attacks by turning stone blocks and candles into monsters. When he's defeated, Pluto is released and game is completed.


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