Magical Quest GBA Boxart

Cover art to the Game Boy Advance version.

The Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse (Mickey no Magical Adventure in Japan) is a Mickey Mouse video game released in 1992 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was the first of three Magical Quest games made by Capcom. The game was followed by The Great Circus Mystery starring Mickey and Minnie and Disney's Magical Quest 3 starring Mickey and Donald.

The game was remade for the Game Boy Advance in 2002 under the title Disney's Magical Quest Starring Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Published by Nintendo, the GBA version adds Minnie to the game as a playable character who is identical to Mickey in terms of gameplay. The GBA port also introduced a save feature and a character select screen, similar to that of the SNES version of The Great Circus Mystery.


The game features Mickey Mouse traveling in a strange land ruled by the evil emperor Pete after he dognaps Pluto, after an incident where, during a game of catch, Mickey threw too far and Pluto went after the ball. With the help of a wizard, Mickey sets out to find his friend and stop Pete's tyranny. Upon defeating the despotic emperor and his minions, Mickey managed to rescue Pluto, although he later woke up in bed and it turned out to be a dream, with Donald mentioning that they found the ball and requesting another round (implying that Mickey ended up knocked out during their earlier game).


Unlike its sequels, the first game in the series lacks the ability to save or load progress (which means players would have to the beat the game in a single sitting), and although it supports two players, they cannot play simultaneously; a player only gains control when the other dies.

Mickey's outfits in this game include: a magician outfit, which enables him to shoot magic; a firefighter uniform that enables him to continually spray water; and mountain-climbing gear that gives him a grappling hook that can attach to certain surfaces and objects. When wearing the magician or firefighter outfits, Mickey's magic and water abilities are limited, and must be recharged by collecting magic lamps and fire hydrants.


There are six worlds, with 4 or 3 levels. In the last level of each world there's a boss that is always a giant animal or artifact possessed by Peg-leg's Pete soul. (except for the last world, where there is the real Peg-leg Pete). Some worlds also have mini-bosses in other levels, that are Pete's henchmen with different abilities. 

  1. Treetops House - The first world, looks like a serene and sunny forest with also some water pools. Enemies are weak and easy to kill: there are ladybugs, bees, Pete's soldiers and in the level 1-3 there are also some hostile frogs, beavers and strange star-fishes. A bat-man appears as a mini-boss in the level 1-2, who spawns little bats to attack and it's not so easy to kill. In the level 1-4 there's the boss of the area, a giant strong serpent possessed by Pete: when he's damaged, he lose a part of his body that can also be thrown against him.
  2. Dark Forest - This world it's a gloomy forest, and its trees have Pete's face. Mickey obtains the Magician outfit, and now can use magic to kill enemies. There are a lot of new enemies like forest ladybugs, Pete's archers and some strange carnivorous plants similar to beans. The waters of this forest are the home of some giant piranhas that immediatly kills Mickey if they eat him indistinctly by his health. In the level 2-2 there's a water part, where Mickey must swim in the lymph of a giant tree, full of strange crab-insects and caterpillars. At the end of this level there's a miniboss really difficult to take under, a jungle plant man similar to bean carnivorous plants who attacks throwing spiked seeds or his indigenous skirt. In the level 2-4 there's the boss, a giant spider possessed by Pete who throws webs capable to block Mickey.
  3. Fire Grotto - This world it's a lava cave full of dangers. In the level 3-1 there are some bats and a Pete's henchman as a mini-boss who throws fireballs and creates lava coloumns with his hammer to bring Mickey on the spiked ceiling and damaging him: this mini-boss is very hard to kill. In the level 3-3 Mickey obtains the fire-fighter outfit, and must fight some fire creatures such as living flames and lava bats that can only be killed by water and they re-spawn after a bit time. In the level 3-4 there's the boss, a giant fire statue possessed by Pete and suspended on a lava pit: Mickey must use the platforms near it to don't fall in the lava pit and striking it with water. (firefighter outfit) Platform are always moving and when the statue takes a lot of damage, they begin to be faster and sometimes they change the direction. The fire statue throws fireballs that sometimes can fire the platforms, but Mickey can snuff them with water.
  4. Pete's Peak - This world is a windy mountain inhabited by a giant mother eagle possessed by Pete. Mickey obtain his last outfit, the mountain-climbing one, and now can use ropes to climb some high parts. The common enemies are the cubs of the giant bird, that are blind and when their egg is hatched they walk ignoring the route and often falling under canyons. There are also other Pete's soldiers, more powerful and with shield and the same bees of the world 1. There are only 3 levels and no mini-bosses, but the giant bird mother that appears on the level 4-3 it's very hard to kill, because you must use the mountain-climbing outfit to avoid her aerial attacks and then switch to magician outfit to strike her with magic. She also spawns things from her eggs: sometimes they spawn completely formed eagle cubs, sometimes just embryos with eyes. 
  5. Frozen Plain - An iced world. It has only 3 levels, no mini-bosses and it's really easier than other worlds. There are only iced slippery routes, with strange hairy creatures and ice sledges. The levels are really short and easy, the only problem is the boss, a strange ice-skater with walrus teeth possessed by Pete. Mickey must avoid his snowballs and kill him with firefighter's water or jumps.
  6. Pete's Castle - The last stage, the castle of Pete's peg-leg. It's full of enemies and traps, and it contains all of the precedent mini-bosses (the bat, jungle and fire Pete's henchmen). When they are killed Mickey can fight the real emperor Pete, the final boss of the game. He's very strong and he attacks turning some blocks and candles into monsters. When he's defeated, Pluto is released and game is completed.


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