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"The Mandalorian" also sometimes called Mando is the main protagonist of the Disney + direct series The Mandalorian. He is a reputed bounty hunter operating at the time of the new republic some years after the fall of the Galactic Empire. During one of his huntings, he met a mysterious Force-sensitive infant of the same species as Yoda nicknamed "The Child" who happened to be his target with whom he formed a close bond and to seek to protect at all costs, putting him in conflict with other bounty hunters as well as with a former member of the empire who had originally hired him.


In his youth, he lived with his parents on the planet Mandalore that was victim of a separatist attack in which his parents lost their lives by protecting him. This tragic event remained in his memory years later.

Some time later, he joined a Mandaloran clan called "The Tribe", settled on a volcanic world and acquired armor and weapons from his people, before joining the Bounty Hunters' Guild. In 9 ABY, five years after the destruction of the second Death Star and the final defeat of the empire, the Mandalorian had gained an excellent reputation as a bounty hunter, which provoked the jealousy of other members of the guild.

He once teamed up with two mercenary Twi'lek, Qin and his sister Xi'an, and things went very badly.


Competent and dangerous, this bounty hunter is able to be ruthless and merciless to those he tracks or those who put themselves on his way. He is constantly alert and will draw his weapons if he feels as though someone is about to attack him. Endowed with a morality more than doubtful, it is difficult to surround his facial emotions because he never removes his helmet.

Solitary and somewhat antisocial, the Mandalorian has a respectful relationship with the Mandalorian Armorer who is also aware of the fact that he is an orphan, he is also able to show great respect towards someone who earns his trust , like Kuiil whom he even offered his gratidute when the Ugnaught has at the same time refused a payment and also to becoming his partner.

Due to having been an orphan himself, he seems to have a deep sympathy for the other orphans. This same sympathy also extends to "The Child" who was initially a target for him, caring first of his security only to get his payment for it evolves to the point that he risks his life and betray the guild to save him from these employers


  • Expert Fighter: As Mandalorian, the fight is in his blood and makes him a fierce fighter. He was able to defend himself against the ambush attacks of three trandoshan, defeat three thugs without much difficulty.
  • Expert Shooter: Mando is extremely competent in blaster mania, whether shooting long or short distance. He is also a sniper.
  • Bilingual: Mando is able to understand the Jawas language but he does not know how to speak it very well. He also knows a sign language used to communicate with hostile Tusken Raiders.


  • Blaster: Mando uses a blaster as his main weapon.
  • Amban sniper rifle: Mando uses it to attack or spy remotely.
  • Vibro-Knife: Mando does not use much but this knife is able to penetrate the armor of a stormtroopers.
  • Mandalorian vambrace: Like many Mandalorians, Mando uses a vambrace containing several built-in weapons, including a flamethrower.


The Mandalorian

On a planet of ice, Mando goes to a bar filled with rogues, three of whom harassed a Mythrol. One of the stalkers tries to provoke him, even going as far as to graze the beskar armor with a knife. Mando grabs a glass and uses it to hit the thug before banging him with the second scum and killing the Quarren by closing the door on him, cutting him in half. The Myrthol wanted to thank the mandalorian but to his great misfortune, he had come to capture him.

Once outside the planet, the Myrthol tries to convince his kidnapper not to deliver him but the bounty hunter just ignored him until his prisoner descended into the lower part of the ship where he discovered with horror others prisoner locked in carbonite before being carbonated himself by the mandalorian. Arrived on Nevarro, Mando went to see the leader of the guild, Greef Karga to collect his bounty. Refusing first the imperial credits which according to him was worth nothing, he obtained Calamari Flan instead and asked for another mission but found that the premiums were not worth much, so Greef offered him an alternative of Mission may be common with a man named "The Client" whom he should meet in person.

Arrived at the meeting place, Mando knocks on the door and shows a magnetic card to the door droids then enters and is escorted by a GNK droid. In the room, The Client accompanied by some Stormtroopers, welcomes Mando mentioning that Greef had informed him about the reputation of the mandalorian. The conversation cut short when Dr. Pershing suddenly entered the room, prompting Mando to point his blaster at him. The Stormtroopers targeted the bounty hunter and despite their numerical superiority, Mando was not intimidated. The Client calmed the conflict and then proceeded to explain the purpose of the mission: to recover a person of about fifty on Arvala-7 by promising that the reward will be a huge amount of Beskar, even offering a brick of this same metal to the bounty hunter.

Mando then went to the enclave where the tribe lived and gave the beskar to the gunsmith so that she could forge a new Pauldron for him. During the making, Mando had flashbacks from his childhood the day the separatists attacked and killed his parents.

Once on Arvaka-7, he scanned the area before being suddenly attacked by Blurrgs until an old Ugnaught was crested with darts, saving the Mandalorian to whom he asked if he was a bounty hunter, which Mando confirmed. The Ugnaught took Mando to his home and introduced himself as Kuiil. Kuiil then informed the mandalorian that he had helped other bounty hunter in the same mission and that none of them survived.Advised by Kuiil, Mando tries to ride a Blurrg but after some failure, he gives up but tries again when Kuiil reminds him that his ancestors knew how to ride the Mythosaur and finally succeeded in taming it.

On Blurrgs' back, they cover several kilometers of gorge and crevasse to arrive at the camp where the target of the mandalorian is. Halfway, Kuiil indicates the rest of the way to go before returning home but before he leaves, Mando wants to pay him for his help but Kuiil declines his offer, considering that if Mando gets rid of the mercenaries, peace will return to his valley and will be sufficient payment.



  • According to the Jawas, The Mandalorian speaks so badly their languages that it seems "Sound like a Wookiee".
  • According to Pedro Pascal The Mandalorian's real name is Dyn Jarren.
  • He has an aversion to droids.
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