The Missile is one of the major villains from The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars.

Role in the film

The Missile was created by the Supreme Commander and set to destroy Earth, as he (secretly) despised all human beings due to their abusive nature to the Wonder Luxe Appliances. However, when the ex-Supreme Commander reforms after the election between him and Toaster for title of Supreme Commander, he reveals himself to be the Hearing Aid's long-lost twin brother. After their reunion, the ex-Supreme Commander travels back to Earth with Tinselina, Toaster, and the others, but their launch is halted when Toaster and the ex-Supreme Commander have to jump off to stop the Missile from destroying Earth, as the ex-Supreme Commander forgot to deactivate the rocket and is the only one who knows the abort code. The ex-Supreme Commander succeeds in deactivating the Missile in the nick of time, and the rocket collapses. He and Toaster are then rescued by the others.


  • Although the Missile is depicted with a mouth, it never speaks. It is unknown if it was meant to be anthropomorphized, like the other machines in the movie.

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