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"The Moon Prix" is the first segment of the 60th episode of PJ Masks. It first aired on July 5, 2019.


Catboy is tempted to cheat when he must race to win back his stolen Cat-Car.


In the morning, Connor had a practice for the go - kart race championship. Greg and Amaya helped Connor practicing by tracking the time lap using a stopwatch. Unfortunately, Connor was unable to reach the estimated time for him to complete a lap. Connor suggests that he could take a 'teeny tiny little' shortcut so he could complete the lap faster. But Greg said that it would be cheating if he does that. Connor sigh in disappointment, but Amaya said that he could use his great driving skills to win the race instead.

Suddenly, a flyer flew and landed on Connor's feet. The flyer says, "For Bad Guys Eyes Only; The Moon Prix". The race was held at night. Connor said that it will be perfect for a practice. Greg suspected that the race was held by Romeo as his picture was on the flyer. Greg and Amaya said that it will be 'danger and destruction'.

At night, the PJ's went to the race venue from HQ with Cat - Car. All the other villains already arrived at the spot. As Catboy hit the gas, Romeo's vehicle (Not his Lab) suddenly appeared in front of him. Catboy ordered Owlette and Gekko to 'abandoned ship' from Cat - Car as they might be crashed with Romeo. Instead crash, Romeo activates his Shrink Ray and shrunk the Cat - Car into tiny size. Romeo said that he wouldn't want the fastest car in the city to participate the race. Instead, the tiny Cat - Car was appointed as a trophy for the champion. If Catboy lose, he will lose his Cat - Car forever. Gekko offered Catboy his Gekko - Mobile for the race, but Catboy rejected. Catboy said that Romeo might shrinking the Gekko - Mobile too. Catboy uses his go - kart instead for the race.

Gekko and Owlette had been a referee for the race. All the villains mocked Catboy's go - kart. Gekko and Owlette had set some rules for the race, even though the villains will against it while on the road. Suddenly, The Wolfy Kids joined the race with scooter and pedal car. The race started, and Catboy sped to the first place. They raced through the city. At the city, Romeo changed his Shrink Ray to Large Ray and zapped a can and a bird. The can and the bird almost hit Catboy. Night Ninja, on the other hand, threw the Sticky Splat at the racers behind him. Catboy did evade the Splat, but Luna Girl zapped him with her Luna Beam and put his go -kart car on the Splat. Gekko and Owlette came to help him. Owlette gave Catboy a push, by using her Owl Wing Wind and pushes Catboy onto the ramp that been hold by Gekko and thus put Catboy back into the race and on the first place. Owlette labelled it as 'giving a push', not cheating the race.

Luna Girl ordered her Moths to form a shape of an arrow, leading the wrong way. Catboy followed the wrong arrow, while the other racers followed the right arrow. Then, Night Ninja took the chance to lobbed a giant Sticky Splat onto Catboy. Catboy stuck onto the spider web - shaped Splat. Gekko and Owlette again saved Catboy. Catboy asked them to tricked the racers. Gekko use the same trick as Luna Girl did, by changing the arrow into the wrong direction. Romeo fell into the trap and he went off road and his vehicle dived into a pit. Next, Gekko lifts the Night Ninja's bus with his Super Gekko Muscles and Super Gekko Camouflage and puts him into wrong direction. Catboy almost hit Night Ninja's bus, but Catboy steers right and went off road. He accidentaly lifted his go - kart from a log ramp and thus give him an another shortcut.

Then, Catboy continued to race. But, he once again almost hit The Wolfy Kids but this time, The Wolfy Kids went off road and hit the garbage bin. Luna Girl and Romeo faced each other on the road, while Catboy was on the middle. Romeo and Luna Girl started to shoot their beam to each other, and the beam collided and it bounced onto The Wolfy Kids's scooter. With a bit of shine from the full moon, the scooters infused and formed Wolf Wheels, a new ride for the Wolfies. Unfortunately, Catboy's go - kart broke. A big hole appear on the floor. But, Owlette had an idea. Catboy still uses the go - kart. Instead of using the gas, he will use his Super Cat Speed to move the go - kart. His feet will went through the hole. To make it more understandable, Catboy will move his go - kart like a baby move around with a baby walker.

Catboy managed to get into the first place, followed by the Wolfies. As Catboy almost to reach the finish line, the moon shone the Wolf Wheels and gave the Wolfies a 'boost'. As the result, the Wolfies won the race and obtained the trophy. But, the Wolfies gave the Cat - Car back to Catboy as they already had their on vehicle. Gekko sneaks behind Romeo's vehicle with Super Gekko Camouflage and zapped the Cat - Car with Romeo's Shrink Ray in reverse, thus giving the car it's normal size.

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