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The mummy, often given the name of Prince Amenmose, is a character from the Haunted Mansion.



The mummy was presumably an ancient Egyptian, likely of some rank or status. Upon his death, he was mummified and left in a sarcophagus. By the 20th century, the mummy's tomb was relocated to the cemetery behind the Haunted Mansion in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is unknown whether one of the manor's living inhabitants had the tomb and mummy moved or if the mummy arranged for this transit posthumously via the manor's Ghost Relations Department. The mummy would reside in this mansion as one of its 999 undead inhabitants, often spending time with an elderly ghost.

Development history

During development, imagineer Ken Anderson once listed King Tutankhamen (c. 1342-c. 1325 BC) as being amongst the, "Famous ghosts" who he wanted to inhabit the Haunted Mansion. King Tut being a famous Egyptian mummy who in-life was a sickly boy-king who died as a teenager. Tut's corpse was taken from his tomb by British colonial archaeologists in 1921 with said grave-robbery having become affiliated with a supposed curse.

An Egyptian Mummy was designed by Marc Davis to appear within the Haunted Mansion's graveyard scene. The mummy was voiced by Allan Davies whose voice was continued to be used even after refurbishments to integrate cleaner audio.

In 2016, the limited time interactive attraction, "The Ghost Post" identified the mummy as, "Prince Amenmose", an identity used several times since. Prince Amenmose was a historic prince of Egypt from the 18th dynasty who was son of Thutmose I and one of the few Egyptian royals to hold a military title, having been known as, "Great Overseer of Soldiers". The location of Thutmose's corpse in real-life is unknown, having possibly been stolen or destroyed by grave-robbers or western colonial explorers.


Ghost Post

The mummy was writer of an article in the Grim Gazette newspaper where he was identified as, "AMENMOSE, Great Overseer of Soldiers, Son of Glorious Thutmose I". His articles has him speaking up against the Committee of Wandering Ghosts bringing mortals into the Haunted Mansion in an effort to life the supernatural fog plaguing the estate. This article also had Amenmose bringing up many elements of his own history such as his father Thutmose I, having been forced to marry his sister Hapshetsut, and having been resurrected.

Haunted Mansion

The mummy appears in the graveyard scene at an Egyptian tomb located behind the manor. He sits up in a sarcophagus drinking tea while failing to communicate through his bandages with an elderly ghost. Said ghost is also shown to be partially deaf and listening to the mummy via an ear trumpet.

Other appearances

Printed materials

Disney Kingdoms: The Haunted Mansion

The mummy makes cameos in this Disney Kingdoms comic as one of the ghosts who moved into the mansion.

Ghost Gallery

In this unofficial backstory for Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion, the mummy was one of many curios and curiosities collected by Master Gracey/the Ghost Host. Gracey did so with the assistance of his uncle Edward Gracey who smuggled it to America for him though it caused the family-members to have a falling out. Later, it is explained that the mummy's tomb was a Halloween decoration set up for a Halloween party that ended in disaster due to tainted tea.

Haunted Mansion

In the story, "The Mummy's Corpse", the mummy was an Egyptian prince who was punished for stealing from the Temple of Anubis by being given 1,000 curses. When the mummy was obtained by Master Gracey in New Orleans, one of the curses is implied to have inflicted the Gracey family.

Tales from the Haunted Mansion

The mummy appears as Prince Amenmose in Tales from the Haunted Mansion Volume III when his sarcophagus is amongst three objects arranged to be shipped to the Haunted Mansion by Amicus Arcane. Arcane explains the mummy's history in a story that plays out as a tribute/satire of 1940's The Mummy's Hand.

Here, Amenmose's corpse is stolen by a colonial explorer named Colonel Bartholomew Tusk who uses the mummy as the mascot for his company Tusk's Tasty Tanis Tea which uses tea stolen from Amenmose's tomb. Amenmose is later resurrected by an Egyptian priest using the stolen tea. Upon his resurrection, Amenmose seeks a girl named Penny who he realizes is the reincarnation of his bride Hapshetsut. Upon finding Penny however, he discovers her shallow selfie obsessed nature,and realizes he doesn't wish to return to Hapshetsut and leaves her.


  • An Egyptian Mummy appears in Hong Kong Disneyland's Mystic Manor. This mummy was stolen by Lord Henry Mystic and had its remains torn apart by Albert to Lord Mystic's enjoyment. Mystic later put the grave-robbed corpse on display in his home of Mystic Manor in Papua New Guinea and in the ride it can be seen turning into scarabs through the magic of the Balinese music box. In Tales from the Haunted Mansion, Colonel Tusk references Lord Henry Mystic being a grave-robber and uses this to justify his own actions, saying Mystic would have exploited Amenmose if Tusk had not.
  • The mummy's affiliation with tea in the ride might be a reference to how in real-world history, Victorian aristocrats and colonial British explorers would often cannibalize Egyptian mummies to use their dried flesh as a form of tea. Tales from the Haunted Mansion seems to be influenced by this in its references to Lord Henry Mystic and Colonel Bartholomew Tusk being British colonial explorers who desecrate the mummy's tomb for tea. The tea's usage in Tales from the Haunted Mansion similarly resembles magical tea from The Mummy's Hand (1940).
  • The mummy is amongst the oldest residents of the Haunted Mansion. The only spirit to obviously be older would be Medusa.

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