The Muppet Christmas Carol: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack was initially released in 1992 in conjunction with the film's premiere. It was reissued alongside the Disney's Kermit's anniversary edition DVD in 2005.

The album contains the original score by Miles Goodman, as well as all of Paul Williams' songs for the film, including the cut songs "Room in Your Heart" and "Chairman of the Board," which were recorded but never filmed.

Track listing

  1. Overture
  2. Scrooge - Cast
  3. Room in Your Heart - Bunsen & Beaker
  4. Good King Wenceslas - Bean Bunny
  5. One More Sleep 'til Christmas - Kermit
  6. Marley and Marley - Statler and Waldorf
  7. Christmas Past - score
  8. Chairman of the Board - Sam the Eagle
  9. Fozziwig's Party
  10. When Love is Gone - Belle
  11. It Feels Like Christmas - Ghost of Christmas Present
  12. Christmas Scat - Kermit & Robin
  13. Bless Us All - Robin & Cast
  14. Christmas Future - score
  15. Christmas Morning - score
  16. Thankful Heart - Scrooge
  17. Finale - When Love Is Found/It Feels Like Christmas - Cast
  18. When Love Is Gone - Martina McBride

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