The Music of Disney's One Saturday Morning Plus Other Disney TV Favorites was an album released by Walt Disney Records on audio cassette, but curiously never on CD, in the spring of 1999. It contains a selection of musical highlights from the shows featured on Disney's One Saturday Morning at the time (with the exception of Nightmare Ned), plus a few songs from Timon & Pumbaa, which was not featured on the block. The album is notable in that it also contains two songs from Science Court, which was not produced by Disney.

Track 17, despite being labeled as a reprise, is nothing more than an unmodified repeat of Track 1. It only seems to be on the album to fill up the remaining space between the "Mrs. Munger's Class" sketch audio and the end of Side 1 of the tape.

The closing track, "One Saturday Morning Mega Mix", is a remix of the One Saturday Morning theme song mixed with the themes from Recess, Doug, and Pepper Ann, with repeated samplings of Mrs. Munger saying "Simmer!"

Curiously, despite the album having never been released on CD, "Alone Together" and the Jungle Cubs version of "The Bare Necessities" are presented in noticeably better audio quality here than on the Disney's Jungle Boogie album.

Track listing

# Song Show Length
Side 1
1 One Saturday Morning Main Theme 1:26
2 Main Theme Doug 0:46
3 I Dig Doug 0:30
4 The Curve Mrs. Munger's Class 1:25
5 Main Theme Recess 1:00
6 We Shall Not Be Moved 1:16
7 Wonder Tube Dwellers 0:46
8 Main Theme Pepper Ann 1:00
9 Pepper Ann 1:04
10 Elephant Crush 0:08
11 You Only Get One Saturday Morning 0:31
12 Zero to Hero (Main Theme) Hercules: The Animated Series 1:00
13 Send My Boy to School 1:35
14 My Town 2:02
15 Main Theme Manny the Uncanny 0:09
16 Word Problem Mrs. Munger's Class 1:23
17 One Saturday Morning Main Theme Reprise 1:26
Side 2
18 Chicken Woof / Rap / Main Theme 101 Dalmatians: The Series 1:10
19 Dalmatian Vacation 1:16
20 Surf Puppies 1:47
21 Pooh Bear (song) The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh 1:02
22 Main Theme Squigglevision 0:21
23 Water Cycle Song 0:32
24 At the Museum Mrs. Munger's Class 1:23
25 Hakuna Matata (Main Theme) Timon & Pumbaa 0:58
26 Alone Together 2:13
27 Beethoven's Whiff 2:13
28 The Bare Necessities (Main Theme) Jungle Cubs 1:00
29 Louie Scat #1 0:33
30 Everything's Gonna Be Right with the World 1:36
31 One Saturday Morning Mega Mix 3:41
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