The Mythical World of Atlantis, from Plato to Disney: Theories of the Lost Empire is a tie-in book for Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

A non-fiction book primarily written from the fictional perspective of Preston B. Whitmore, it explores the real history of how we have perceived Atlantis over the centuries while slyly presenting the fictitious events of the film and its backstory as being classified history that the Disney Studio has only now been allowed to disclose by the Whitmore Estate.


Was Atlantis an island in the Mediterranean or in a volcanic lake in the Andes? Was it a continent in the Atlantic Ocean or a mountain in Antarctica? Who were the Atlanteans, and were are their descendants today? Did their glorious kingdom perish in a cataclysm for which the Atlanteans themselves were somehow responsible? Are mysterious ancient ruins and artifacts scattered around the globe remnants of their advanced civilization?

These and many other questions are examined in The Mythical World of Atlantis, a comprehensive study of the legendary lost empire. Theories about Atlantis proposed by philosophers, historians, and mystics through the ages take their place alongside the evidence revealed in Disney's newest animated feature. From Plato to Disney, from Jules Verne to Madame Blavatsky, readers will trace the routes of myth and history to discover the truth about Earth's greatest culture: The lost empire of Atlantis.

Revised and updated from the original 1915 edition by Preston B. Whitmore, this edition includes notes and an introduction by noted historian Professor Kyle Van Mitchell, director of the Preston B. Whitmore Archives.

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