The Narrator is a main character of George of the Jungle and its sequel. He is the voiceover who narrates the stories in both films but he hates criticism and interruptions which mainly comes from the villains.


George of the Jungle

The narrator is doing his job of narrating the story, though he interacts with the characters a view times and has moments reassuring the viewers:

  • When he describes Ursula and the others' tiring journey to reach Ape Mountain, he says they reacted with awe, but they misunderstand and say, "Aw!" He then corrects them, saying he said awe: "A-W-E", in which they correct their mistake.
  • After N'Dugo falls off the bridge, he assures the audience that nobody dies in the story, but only get really big boo-boos.
  • After George is shot and is heading for San Francisco with Ursula, he assures the viewers that George can't die because he is the hero.
  • George is told by Ursula to stay in her apartment, but the narrator says that no one can keep George in. George argues, saying that he has every intention of obeying Ursula. The narrator asks if this is really so, to which George replies sheepishly, "For a while."
  • Max and Thor capture Ape and go on a false trail leading back to George's treehouse. The narrator begins to tell of the poachers' defeat when Thor interrupts and says, "Why don't you say something constructive for a change, like what we should do now?" Angry at the interruption, the narrator replies that he doesn't like him which results in a massive argument between them. Max then berates Thor for fighting with him, but Thor replies that the narrator started it, resulting in another argument.

George of the Jungle 2

He appears again, narrating the story once more while interacting with the other characters and assuring the audience:

  • He is surprised to see Christopher Showerman portraying George and asked what happened to Brendan Fraser, the original actor. Christopher responds that the studio was "too cheap to pay for Brendan."
  • He introduces us to Lyle Van de Groot and shows a recap scene of him falling into the elephant droppings in the jungle, much to Lyle's annoyance, as he had always felt humiliated by the experience ever since. The narrator is then heard chuckling.
  • When N'Dugo, Kip, and Baleto push Beatrice Stanhope off a cliff, he tells them that Beatrice can't die in the film as there would be no story.
  • He asks George if he wants to explain how he un-hypnotized Ursula, but Lyle interrupts and crosses the line when he tells the narrator that his constant alliteration is annoying. In response, his hand, surrounded by little angels that look like Cupid, reaches out and pulls Lyle by his underwear up into the sky, removing him from the story (though in a blooper, Lyle's underwear rips from his grip and he falls from the sky). The narrator then asks if there is anyone else who wants to criticize him. The others shake their heads and murmur that they don't.


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