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The Nightmare Before Christmas: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the 1993 soundtrack to the film of the same name. Composed by Danny Elfman, the soundtrack was nominated for the 1993 Golden Globe for best original score. The album peaked at #98 on the Billboard 200. For the film's 2006 re-release in Disney Digital 3-D, a special edition of the soundtrack was released, a bonus disc which contained covers of several of the film's songs by Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Marilyn Manson, Fiona Apple, and She Wants Revenge. Six original demo tracks by Elfman were also included.

Track listing

On some versions of the CD, "End Title" is two tracks (20 and 21) with lengths of 1:10 and 3:55 respectively. In this case, track 21 is considered a "hidden track" but features the same music as the 20-track release, which keeps "End Title" as one track.

2006 reissue bonus disc

The "Kidnap the Sandy Claws" and "This Is Halloween" demos are reversed in the tracklisting on the backside of the album cover and in the album booklet.


Featured Singers

Jack Danny Elfman
Sally Catherine O'Hara
Mayor Glenn Shadix
Oogie Boogie Ken Page
Lock Paul Reubens
Shock Catherine O'Hara
Barrel Danny Elfman
Santa Ed Ivory


Sherwood Ball
Debi Durst
Randy Crenshaw
Kerry Katz
Susan McBride
Bobbi Page
Greg Proops
Carmen Twillie
Glenn Walters

Additional album personnel

  • Album Produced by Danny Elfman
  • Associate Album Producers: Bob Badami and Richard Kraft
  • Musical Director: Steve Bartek
  • Songs Orchestrated by Steve Bartek
  • Score Orchestrated by Mark McKenzie
  • Additional Orchestraions and Music Preparation by Mark Mann
  • Songs Conducted by Chris Boardman
  • Score Conducted by J.A.C. Redford
  • Vocals Recorded by Bill Jackson
  • Songs Recorded by Bobby Fernandez and Shawn Murphy
  • Score Recorded by Shawn Murphy
  • Songs and Score Mixed by Shawn Murphy
  • Assistant Engineers: Sharone Rice, Bill Easystone, Mike Piersante, and Andy Bass
  • Digital Editing and Mastering by Dave Collins
  • Music Editor: Bob Badami
  • Assistant Music Editor: Letitia Rogers
  • Vocal Contractor: Bobbi Page
  • Contractor: Patti Zimmitti
  • Copyist: Joel Franklin
  • Demo Assistant: Megan Cavallari
  • Original Album Art Direction by Gary Adler

Bonus Content

1. "This is Halloween"

Produced and Mixed by Marilyn Manson and Tim Skold

2. "Sally's Song"

Produced by Mike Elizondo
Mixed by Adam Hawkins
Engineered by Adam Hawkins @ Phantom Studio, Westlake Village, CA
Assistant Engineer: Erin J. Funk-Dublan
Keyboards: Zac Rae
Upright Bass: Mike Elizondo
Drums: Charley Drayton
Strings: The Section Quartet - Eric Gorfain, Daphne Chen, Leah Katz, Richard Dodd
String Arrangement by Eric Gorfain
Project Coordinator: Jolie Levine

3. "What's This?"

Produced and Mixed by Neal Avron
Recorded by Neal Avron and Erich Talaba
Pro Tools Engineer: Matt Green
Assistant Engineer: Zeph Sowers
Recorded at The Pass Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Mixed at Paramount Studios, Hollywood, CA
Mix Assistant: George Gumbs

4. "Kidnap the Sandy Claws"

Produced by She Wants Revenge

5. "This Is Halloween"

Produced by Panic! At the Disco and Rob Mathes
Vocals Arranged by Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie
Recorded by Panic! At the Disco at Ryan's house Las Vegas, NV
Orchestra Arranged and Conducted by Rob Mathes
Recorded by Mark Mandelhaum, assisted by Alex Venguer at Legacy Recording Studio, New York, NY
Concertmaster and Orchestra Contractor: Sandra Park
Music Copyist: Mike and Lori Casteel
Mixed by Chris Shaw at Avatar Studios, New York, NY

6-11. Demos

All Demo Vocals Performed by Danny Elfman
Synth Demo Tracks Arranged, Orchestrated and Performed by Danny Elfman
Recorded by Bill Jackson
Mixed by Noah Snyder
Produced by Danny Elfman and Tim Burton
  • A&R: Dani Markman
  • Business affairs: Jeff Lowy
  • Mastered by Pat Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA
  • Creative Direction: Steve Gerdes
  • Album Design: Greg Ross for Orabor

Foreign Language Versions

There are several foreign language versions of the soundtrack, each features tracks sung by vocalists in their native language as well as original score tracks by Danny Elfman.

  • French, L'Étrange Noël de Monsieur Jack
Jack - Olivier Constantin
Sally - Nina Morato
Oogie Boogie - Richard Darbois
Santa Claus (Pere Noel)- Henri Poirier
  • German
Jack - Alexander Goebel
Sally - Nina Hagen
Oogie Boogie - Ron Williams
Santa Claus - Manfred Lichtenfeld
  • Italian
Jack - Renato Zero
Sally - Marjorie Biondo
Oogie Boogie (Bau-Bau) - Andrea Surdi
Santa Claus (Babbo Nachele) - Silvio Spaccesi
  • Japanese ナイトメアー·ビフォア·クリスマス
  • Spanish, Pesadilla Antes De Navidad
Oogie Boogie - Jesús Castejón
  • Russian
  • Brazil
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