"The Note" is the second segment of the third episode of Milo Murphy's Law. It premiered on October 17, 2016 alongside "The Doctor Zone Files".


Milo arrives off the school bus with his backpack feeling much heavier than usual. It is full of doctor's excuse notes that he needs to hand in to the school. The important one among all the excuse notes is the signature page, which allows his doctor to sign off all his excuses rather than signing them all individually. Without the signature page he will have months of unexcused absence and be forced to repeat the seventh grade. Milo carries the pile of excuses to school with his friends following close behind, only to be stopped by the school crossing guard.

Suddenly a passing truck rushes by, causing Milo's signature note to fly off his pile of excuses. But it does not go far because lands on a storm drain. Milo goes to pick it up but it suddenly gets caught by a group of passing cyclists. Milo, Zack and Melissa chase after the cyclists, until Milo's note flies off the cyclists and into a spy drone. After the drone passes through a tree, the note breaks lose and flies over Milo, Zach and Melissa. They try to catch it, but it flies across the street and through the window of an office building. Melissa asks Milo if it would be easier to get his doctor to sign a new one, but Milo says he is out playing goof so going to him right now is not an option. Milo, Zack, and Melissa enter the building and make their way to the seventh floor where Milo's note landed. Upon arriving, they find the place stacked with paper, and Milo's note could be among any of them. Milo, Zack and Melissa split and start searching. They rummage through the bins, barge into business meetings, check the kitchen and the toilets. Eventually Milo finds his note, only for it get fussed over by the employees for having a coffee stain that looks like Frank Eugene Austin; inventor of the ant harm. Milo struggles through the crowded people to reach his note, but it gets blown out the window by a turned on fan.

They look out the window to see where Milo's note went, but instead only see a Ticker Tape Parade occurring through the street. Zack decides to call it quits but Melissa refuses to give up. So they leave the office building and hope to find the note among the parade. In the parade, Milo, Zack and Melissa see an astronaut pass by and spot the note on his back. Milo, Zach and Melissa go after him but the note again breaks free and flies away until it gets swept up by a sweeper. They follow the sweeper to a recycling factory. Once inside, Milo, Zack, and Melissa find the place piled with mountains of discarded paper, and Milo's note could be anywhere among the heap.

The three of them waste no time and start searching through the rubbish. Searching though heaps of paper while on a moving conveyor belt, Melissa spots Milo's note on another conveyor belt. She jumps onto the other conveyor belt but gets her shoelaces stuck in the process. Worst of all, she is heading for the shredder. Milo rushes to her rescue but has a struggle getting to her. But then Murphy's Law strikes again, causing some piping from above to fall and jam the shredder before it can shred and recycle Melissa. Melissa gets her shoelaces free and rescues the note, only for Milo to realize that it not his note. The note they found belongs to someone name Lola Sunderguard, who suddenly shows up with her friends. She takes back her note, says thank you and then leaves with her friends. However, Diogee shows up with Milo's note, much to Milo's surprise and relief. With Milo's note back in his possession he can now hand in all his excuses to the school.




  • Running gag: Melissa says "Boom" multiple times throughout the episode.
  • Elliot Decker makes his debut appearance in this episode.
  • Milo's middle name is revealed to be "Danger" (pronounced "dohn-ge"), his grandmother's maiden name.

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