"The Ones That Got Away" is the fifth episode of BUNK'D.


When Emma and Xander team up for the fishing competition, they soon realize they don’t have much in common. Meanwhile, Zuri and Tiffany devise a plan to steal fish from the mess hall to submit in the competition.


Gladys announces to the whole camp that its the 97th Annual Camp Kikiwaka Fishing Contest and that the team with the biggest fish will be excused from chores for a whole week. Lou teams up with Ravi to catch Big Wiskers, a cat fish that she's been trying to catch for 8 years. Xander partners up with Emma much to her delight to go on a date with Xander. Zuri and Tiffany are forced to partner up as they can find anyone else to partner up.

Ravi asked Lou how to use a fishing pole, but Lou throws it saying that they should use their hands, but Lou only caught some junk. Lou started to give up, but Ravi gave her some advice that catching the fish is not important, but the quest is. Lou disagrees and asked for a samosa, but when she put it in the lake, her hand caught Big Wiskers happy that she caught him. But after looking at him, she felt bad for him and sets him free taking Ravi's advice.

Meanwhile after two hours, Tiffany and Zuri haven't caught a fish. Tiffany is desperate to catch a fish so she could get into Harvard to please her mom, so Zuri gets the idea to cheat. Tiffany disagrees, but Zuri said that since Tiffany's mom wants her to win no matter what, she convinced Tiffany that her mom wants her to cheat so she agrees to cheat. The took a salmon from the mess hall kitchen and showed Gladys that they caught the fish from the lake.

Xander takes Emma on a canoe to fish, but Emma is more focus on spending time with Emma while Xander is more focused on the competition. Emma puts a strawberry with chocolate on her hook for Xander, but when he sees it he gives it to the fish instead. Emma and Xander found out they have nothing in common but Emma wants to get to know Xander to have a relationship. Emma said she wants to open a design house in Paris and Xander said he wants to open his own guitar shop in Maine. When Emma started to talk about their future, they started to argue and Xander takes Emma back to shore.

Emma talks to Gladys saying she likes the camp chef, Murphy and that he doesn't like her bad while Emma said her fishing date was Xander was bad but told Gladys she wants things better for her and Xander in the future so Gladys gives her advice to not worry about the future and that if Emma likes him she should go for it. Emma goes to talk to Xander but before she could say anything, Xander caught a fish and Emma helped him catch it. They embrace and Emma was about to tell Xander that she wants to be with him, but Xander interrupted saying that Emma was right about that they don't have much in common and that they wouldn't have much of a future so he said that they should be friends. Emma was upset but she agrees to be friends with Xander. But when she left, Xander he wasn't cool with being friends with Emma.

Later all the campers gathered and Gladys announces Tiffany and Zuri as the winners of the competition and gives them the trophy, but before they could take a picture together, vegetables comes out of the fish revealing that the fish was already prepared. Gladys takes the trophy back and Tiffany begs Gladys not to tell her mom. Gladys said she was just going to disqualify them, but said that calling Tiffany's mom is a better idea. Zuri admits that the cheating was her idea and tells Gladys to call her mom, but Gladys said its no fun if Zuri tells her to do it, so instead of calling their moms she's punishes them by letting them fish out garbage out of the recycling bin.

In the mess halls, Murphy apologizes to Gladys for being hard on her, but Gladys said since they're co-workers they shouldn't be together, but Murphy said he wants to be with Gladys much to her delight.


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