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The Orphans are supporting characters from Annie. Not counting the protagonist, Annie, there are only six of them known by name, who are Molly, Pepper, Kate, Duffy, Tessie, and July.



Molly (Sarah Hyland) is a very gentle and sweet child and the youngest of the orphans. Her parents died before the events of the movie, which she has constant nightmares of. However, due to her demeanor and age, she is usually targeted by the other girls. Annie, the only orphan who considers her a friend, stands up for her and comforts her when she has nightmares of her parents. Because of this, she constantly supports Annie in her quest to find her parents and cares for her well-being.


Pepper (Marissa Rago) is the bossiest of all the orphans. She acts like she doesn't like Annie, but deep down, she loves her.


Kate (Lalaine) is one of the orphans.


Duffy (Danielle Wilson) is one of the orphans.


Tessie (Erin Adams) is one of the orphans.


July (Nanea Miyata) is one of the orphans.

Role in the film

Molly is first heard calling for her mother, who she had a nightmare about, only angering the rest of the orphans, resulting in a fight. Annie stops them and warns them that if Miss Hannigan wakes up, she'll get mad. Molly is then comforted by Annie, who later re-reads a note from her parents (with the rest of them joining in) and then puts them back to bed. As Annie is about to search for her parents, worrying that they haven't found her yet, Pepper wakes up, and Annie tells her to watch out for Molly. Tessie warns her about Miss Hannigan catching her, but Annie denies her doing so.

However, Miss Hannigan does catch Annie and brings her back to wake the other orphans. She tells them to clean up the mess until it "shines like the top of the Chrysler Building" "as a little welcome-home party". They give her the wanted catchphrase and scrub the floors. Moments later, they strip the beds and put Molly in the laundry basket. Then they bury her with the sheets. As Miss Hannigan enters and tells them "Good morning", they all respond back together except Molly, who does so just immediately afterward. Miss Hannigan tells her that her days are numbered. They then greet Mr. Bundles and each accept a clean sheet. They secretly help Annie escape by hiding her in the laundry basket. They ask Miss Hannigan for their breakfast, but she refuses, telling her they can only have it later...after they have done a good job on this cleaning up. She assembles them for roll call, and any orphan just looked at answers, "I love you, Miss Hannigan." It is then that Miss Hannigan finds out that Annie is absent. Although Miss Hannigan is dismayed, the orphans are happy that Annie is gone, hoping that she has found her parents. They then celebrate with a pillow fight.

Much later, when the police have brought Annie back to Miss Hannigan, the latter sends the orphans back to their room. Only when she leaves Annie in the bathroom to cook up her punishment, they come out to tell her that they saw a mouse, and argue over where it is, but she doesn't care. One accuses Duffy of cheating (at something unknown), resulting in an argument. They are then cheering when Annie gets to go to Oliver Warbucks' mansion for a week of Christmas vacation.

Next, all the orphans are listening to Bert Healy, and of course, Annie, on the radio, but out of all of them, Pepper doesn't care if she is on it. They hear that Mr. Warbucks is offering $50,000 dollars to the couple who can prove they are her parents. However, they all sing the song "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile". Upon telling Miss Hannigan that Annie was on the radio and about the reward money, she sends them to bed without supper for "being bad".

On Christmas morning, Lily St. Regis is left with the orphans while Miss Hannigan and her brother, Rooster, leave to get Annie, pretending to be her parents, and plays poker with them. When she accidentally reveals that Annie is at Mr. Warbucks' mansion, they blackmail her by stealing her purse and revealing her fake ID, and she is forced to spill the beans and reveal what Rooster and Miss Hannigan are doing. They then arrive at Mr. Warbucks' mansion and give Miss Hannigan the wanted chant, but this time, sarcastically. As soon as she is taken away, and Annie says she is gone forever they cheer. Then after she realizes she is one, and after the president decides they will be adopted by other families, they cheer a second time, and then a third time when Grace Farrell tells them Annie picked out presents for them.

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