The Overtakers are a group of Disney Villains in the young adult book series, The Kingdom Keepers by Ridley Pearson. Their goal is to take over the parks and expand their kingdom farther. Their leader is Chernabog, with Maleficent as second-in command, and the Queen third-in-command.

Some of the overtakers are protagonists such as Jack Sparrow, or neutral, such as Tia Dalma. Finn has guessed that the Queen (or Maleficent) has cast a spell on good characters to increase their army. The Overtakers also supply themselves with brainwashed park guests to serve as their soldiers, who exhibit green eyes from being under their control thanks to a rogue DHI machine under Overtaker control.

Through the belief of those who came to the park, watched their films, etc, the Overtakers began to slowly become real to the point of being a real threat; Walt Disney had foreseen this and entrusted his Imagineers to devise a way to find his first pen to stop the Overtakers. The first sign of the group's true emergence was during a performance of Fantasmic!, in which the automatronic Maleficent dragon burned Mickey instead of being vanquished.

List of Overtakers

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