Welcome to the Owl House. Where I hideaway from the pressures of modern life...also the cops, and...also ex-boyfriends.
―Eda welcoming Luz into the Owl House

The Owl House is a small cottage that appears in the animated series of the same name. It is a living structure that Eda has charmed so that she could live there and be safe from outside forces.


Quaint and cottage-like on the outside, with a storefront facade, the inside of the Owl House is full of secret rooms, with a labyrinth for a basement. Hooty, the door knocker, serves as the home’s defense system.

The Owl House is located on a cliff outside Bonesborough. It is a combination of a cottage and a stone tower. At the front there is a big round stain-glass window that looks like an eye, and features a few owl figures in the architecture, which gives the house it's name.


While the exterior is of limited size, the Owl House appears to be much bigger on the inside, containing an number of rooms, corridors and storage spaces.

  • Luz's Room: Once a storage closet, now a comfy hideout. Luz has made this room her own with the few possessions she brought from the human realm - and lots of Eda's stuff.
  • Eda's Room: Located at the front of the house where the owl eye shaped window is. Instead of a bed, Eda sleeps in a nest littered with bones and human junk.


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