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The Owl House Main Theme is the opening theme to The Owl House. It was produced and composed by TJ Hill. The theme is an instrumental and therefore does not feature any lyrics, instead opting on strong visuals to help with introducing the viewer to the show's world.


Season One

The intro begins with a shot of a door with the camera zooming inside before cutting to Luz Noceda, the series' protagonist, falling from the sky and going from unconscious to distressed. She is immediately saved by Eda Clawthorne and King atop the latter's flying staff and zoom downward towards the titular Owl House. The camera zooms towards the front door, where Hooty can briefly be seen, as Luz opens it from the inside and twirls the staff, only for Eda to come out from the corner and grab it, much to Luz's embarrassment. King then jumps up in front of the camera.

A picture placard of some kind is shown with three card images depicting Willow Park, Gus Porter and Amity Blight all popping up in that order. Willow and Gus are front face while Amity is turned to the side with her arms crossed and looking over her shoulder. They become animated with Willow forming a heart shape with her hand, Gus excitedly throwing his arms in the air and Amity turning completely around and throwing her head up. (After Willow switches to the plant track in "I Was a Teenage Abomination" her outfit is updated in the opening starting with "The Intruder"). The placard quickly burns away as King's eyes appear before zooming out to show him atop a pile of stuffed animals with a light over him, only to get buried by his toys.

The intro jump cuts to Luz flying through Bonesborough on the staff by brushing through a mat, flying over Tiny Nose, zooming by Willow, with a pot containing a living vine plant, and Gus, who high fives her, and through the legs of Emperor Coven guards. Eda and King come out and grab ahold of the staff and fly away with Luz, only for the ground to suddenly transform into a giant monstrous green worm creature that tries to devour them as they all panic in shock and hang onto the staff for dear life. The intro cuts to night time with Eda, Luz and King on the roof of the Owl House looking up at the stars. Luz creates a light ball and sends it up in the air as the series logo pops up followed by a small light flash.

Season Two

The intro begins with an eyeball with fire reflected in it. Luz immediately appears creating a string of light, followed by Eda swinging her staff and King popping up from behind her. Willow rises up and makes long vines appear, Gus comes up with a book and makes a couple of duplicates materialize as Amity spins in with her arms out, smirks, and then makes abomination goo drop from the top. Following certain episodes, Eda, King and Amity's appearance change with Eda wearing a different dress, King having both horns intact and Amity with her hair color changed from green to violet.

The picture placard now is more detailed, showing the coven houses above and buildings in the corner. The three card images now depict Lilith Clawthorne, Hunter and Kikimora in that order. Lilith is angrily reaching towards the camera, Hunter has his arm crossed with his staff in hand and Kikimora has her hands pulling her turtle neck up. The cards flip to show Lilith, now partially cursed, in plain clothes, and looking repentant with her face down and hand out, Hunter has his mask partially removed and Kikimora looks angry with both eyes visible. Emperor Belos makes the placard disappear as he stands with his arm outreached in front of his castle as lightning strikes.

The last part of the intro is similar to the first except that the lighting is noticeably darker. The logo, once it appears now has a border and the small light flash is joined by a puff of fire, a flicking vine and a crystal of ice, the four spells Luz learned up to that point, that all immediately retract.


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