The following episodes of The Owl House are listed in the order of their scheduled airing. The series premiered on January 10, 2020. Disney Channel ordered a second season for the series ahead of its series premiere.[1]

The first letters of each episode title spells out a sentence. So far it reads "A WITCH LOSES A T R U..."

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
Shorts 5 April 4, 2020 May 2, 2020
1 19[2] January 10, 2020 TBA

Shorts (2020)

Disney Channel announced that The Owl House would release a series of five short episodes known as Owl Pellets on Disney Channel's YouTube channel and on the DisneyNOW app. The shorts first premiered on April 4, 2020 with "Welcome to Hexside", although "Eda's Cursed Brush" was released first on March 25 before the official premiere.

# Title Original Airdate
01 "Welcome to Hexside!" April 4, 2020
Principal Bump welcomes you to Hexside School of Magic and Demonics! Their top priority is keeping students safe, providing amazing food in the cafeteria, and give students the support they need!
02 "Eda's Cursed Brush" April 11, 2020
Luz teaches Eda how to make fine art out of anything! But when Luz uses Eda's cursed pencil, things go awry!
03 "Paint Scare!" April 18, 2020
Luz and King head off to the woods to paint scenic nature! But they can't seem to escape a dark mysterious figure in their painting!
04 "Art Lessons with Luz" April 25, 2020
King is fascinated by Luz's drawings, but Hooty loses his cool when he can't tell the difference between a drawing and real life!
05 "Coven Lovin Soap Opera" May 2, 2020
Luz watches her favorite romantic soap opera "Bleeding Hearts" and King slowly becomes addicted!

Season One (2020)

No. in
No. in
Title Original Airdate Production
01 01 "A Lying Witch and a Warden" January 10, 2020 101
Luz is a creative and expressive girl, but this causes trouble at her school. So to help her be more normal, her mother Camilla sends her to a summer camp. While she waits for the bus to take her there, a little owl takes her book and leads her to another world called the Boiling Isles. Luz then meets Eda the Owl Lady, the self-proclaimed powerful witch in the isles, who also sells human oddities. After escaping the authorities, Eda takes Luz to the Owl House, where she and a little furry creature named King live. Knowing that she is a human, Eda and King ask Luz to help them get his crown. Which is kept in the Conformitorium and only a human can enter. They break in and Luz was able to get the crown, which turned out to be a kid's meal crown. Before Eda can send Luz back to the human world, they get capture by Warden Wrath who then unexpectedly asks Eda out on a date. Eda rejects Wrath and fights him with King while telling Luz to leave. Luz then comes back, releases the inmates and helps Eda defeat Wrath. After returning to the Owl House, Eda opens the portal and Luz can return home, but Luz feeling she does not belong there decides to stay and be Eda's apprentice. Eda accepts, on the condition that Luz has to work for her.
02 02 "Witches Before Wizards" January 17, 2020 102
Luz prepares herself to be a witch's apprentice, but is disappointed when a very indifferent Eda shows up to give her a simple task of delivering her potions to various customers. King goes with her as Luz is quick to learn that Bonesborough, the city on the Boiling Isles, is full of rather nasty creatures who do not care for her human background. Luz and King come across a brightly lit castle that is home to a kindly wizard named Adegast who believes that Luz is the "Chosen One" who must retrieve the Celestial Staff. When Luz shows off the map given to her by Adegast to Eda and King, they laugh at her. She leaves on her own for the quest just as Eda and King become suspicious and learn that the whole quest is a ruse. Luz goes on her quest making allies while Eda and King follow behind. Eventually, Adegast reveals that he is a horrible creature who is after Eda and that all of Luz's allies were empty puppets. He tries to coerce Luz into having her fantasy, but she breaks free with Eda and King helping her. Adegast is defeated and Eda eats him. Afterwards, Eda tells Luz that she must make her own destiny and shows her the beauty of the Boiling Isles.
03 03 "I Was a Teenage Abomination" January 24, 2020 103
To avoid digging through a giant slug carcass, Luz goes out to the woods to find a witch-in-training named Willow being bullied by the top student, Amity Blight, for her poorly made abomination. After getting caught by one of Willow's vines, Luz suggests that she can be Willow's abomination so she can get in the magic school. Willow accepts and takes her to the school where they meet Agustus the president of the Human Appreciation Society and Willow's friend, and the abomination teacher gives Willow an A+ and the top student badge for her "abomination". Amity, furious over her loss of her badge, reports to Principal Bump, who becomes intrigued by Luz and wants Willow to dissect her. With Gus' help, Luz and Willow run away, but Bump traps them in the school and sends abominations after them. Willow, using a seed Luz had in her pocket, uses vines to help Luz escape. Luz then returns to Eda and apologizes for leaving and comes to appreciate her as her mentor. Willow and Gus then come to tell her that Willow's moved to the plant track for her skills with plants and that Luz is banned from the school, but Luz is okay with it. Meanwhile, King makes a bet with Eda, saying he makes a better teacher than her. Eda accepts, knowing she'll win like she always does. As King trains a slug, Eda discovers Luz at that the magic school and is upset over it. King then gets attacked by the slug and Eda comes in to save him. Together they beat the slug, just in time for Luz to come back.
04 04 "The Intruder" January 31, 2020 104
King tries to teach Luz about demons, but when a boiling rainstorm rolls into town Luz takes the opportunity to get Eda to teach her some magic. Tired and wanting her light-up pen, Eda teaches Luz how to create light, which causes her to pass out. King, wanting to get Luz's attention, steals Eda's potion that gives her powers and gives it to Luz. Then, jumping from the lighting, Luz drops the potion and breaks it. The lights went out and a demon called the Snaggleback breaks into the house. King later finds that the Snaggleback is just a weak pink ape in a turtle shell and the creature is actually Eda. He and Luz realize that the potion doesn't give Eda her powers but prevents her owl-creature curse. Luz discovers that she can draw the light spell and uses to get Eda back to normal. Eda explains that she was cursed when she was young and has to drink the potion to prevent it, the curse is why people call her the Owl Lady. She later has a brief nightmare of a shadowy figure who cursed her, and wakes up before she can get answers.
05 05 "Covention" February 7, 2020 105
After finding out that there's a witches convention, Luz wants to go to check out the covens. Eda does not want to go, but when King reads Luz's book she agrees to go to make the reading stop. During the convention Luz challenges Amity to a witches duel to get her to apologize to King, while Amity wants Luz to give up magic if she wins. Eda runs into her sister, Lilith the leader of the Emperor's Coven, and they bet that they can better teachers through the two girls. At the duel, Eda helps Luz cheat by planting magical minefields around the arena. But Amity figures it out and was about to be declared the winner, but Eda discovers that Amity was cheating too against her own knowledge due to something Lilith slipped onto her. Eda and Lilith then have their duel, in the end though Eda escapes. After talking with Luz and reaching an understanding with her, Amity calls off the binding circle to let her continue learning magic. Lilith gets a call from Kikimora, the Emperor's assistant, who reminds her that she needs to capture Eda in order to receive her reward. Lilith promises she will.
06 06 "Hooty's Moving Hassle" February 21, 2020 106
Eda realizes that she is out of elixir and needs to restock, but her supplier Morton is out of it. She is told that a supplier named Tibbles Grimhammer at the Night Market might carry some and makes plans to go out with King to get more. Meanwhile, Luz discovers that Willow and Gus were uninvited to a Moonlight Conjuring by Amity and her friends and she agrees to bring them to the Owl House to have their own, despite Eda telling her not to. The three of them end up having the house grow legs and they learn to control it when they hold hands. Eda and King meet Tibbles who has the elixir, but it is expensive and Eda challenges him to Hexes Hold'em for the elixir. However, Eda loses and Tibbles reveals that he plans to hand Eda to the Emperor's Coven and keep King as a servant. The kids head to Amity to show her up, but a team of demon hunters grab the house and toss the kids over a cliff. Willow apologizes to Luz by admitting that she used to be friends with Amity and wanted to prove her worth. The kids manage to escape and defeat the hunters while also rescuing Eda and King who get the elixir and destroy Tibbles' stand. Eda confronts Luz on her actions and has her and her friends clean the house while also remarking on her powers. Meanwhile, Amity and her friends, who were unable to conjure anything, check their "penstagram" and learn of Luz's adventure.
07 07 "Lost in Language" February 28, 2020 107
While Eda and King babysit the children of the Bat Queen, Luz goes to the library to return Eda's overdue books. As she explores, she finds Amity reading to kids and thinks she can befriend her. Luz also meets Amity's older siblings, Emira and Edric, who take a liking to her and invite her for some "fun" in the library. After messing around in the library, Amity tells on them and they get kicked out. Emira and Edric then invite Luz to break in the library with them during the Wailing Star shower. The break in as the star flies over the library, and it's magic brings the books contents to live. After some fun, they break into Amity's secret room to look for her diary so they can post it at school as payback for being a tattle-tale. Luz does not want to do that, but unintentionally finds it and some of it's pages fall out. Amity catches them in the act and calls Luz a bully, making Luz feel terrible. After telling Emira and Edric that she's gonna find Amity to apologize, she finds her and they have to fight against an altered version of a beloved children's character. They fix it and the stars magic wares off. Luz lets Amity borrow the fifth Azura book as a way to say sorry and to be friends with her, Amity reluctantly accepts. Luz returns to find Eda, King, and the bat kids asleep as the Bat Queen comes in to pick up her kids. She gives them a treasure chest and a skull whistle for their troubles and leaves. Luz then gives Eda an empty-nester book, seeing that she and King were sad to hear them leave.
08 08 "Once Upon a Swap" March 6, 2020 115
Luz wishes she could be like Eda and magic her problems away, King wants to be like Luz because of teenagers' domineering lifestyle and Eda thinks that King has an easy life by being adorable. They resolve to spend the day body swapped with the loser having to clean Hooty, who is notoriously filthy. Eda as King enjoys being given free things, but finds herself taken in by two elderly cat café owners, Roselle and Dottie. Eda then finds herself being held prisoner. King as Luz confronts Boscha and convinces her friends to run amok all over town. Afterwards, Boscha challenges King to a race that results in their hangout getting destroyed. They chase King into the café where he too is held prisoner. Luz as Eda begins to make a fortune selling human items, but gets arrested. Lilith comes and tries to convince her to join the Emperor's Coven, which Eda apparently wanted, but she escapes and runs into Eda and King. Surrounded by the all the people chasing them, Eda swaps their bodies back and then swaps all of their pursuers. They return home, having learned their lesson, but Luz ends up with cleaning duty.
09 09 "Something Ventured, Someone Framed" March 13, 2020 109
When a new member of the Human Appreciation Society named Mattholomule challenges Gus' leadership, Gus decides to invite Luz to the meeting, and lies about her ban being lifted. The school is now enforced by trouble-smelling creatures working as security guards who throw troublemakers into detention following Luz' last visit. Upset that Luz still wants to go, Eda caves in and approaches Principal Bump about enrolling her into Hexside. He agrees, on the condition that she fix every prank she pulled when she attended the school. Mattholomule is furious over Luz arriving and after feigning regrets over his actions, has Luz taken to detention. Gus then sends himself and Mattholomule to detention as well where it's revealed to be a giant pit with worm creatures that entrap students in brainwashing bubbles to make them good. Luz and Gus escape with Mattholomule just in time to run into Bump and Eda. After calling off the worm creatures, Bump kicks out Luz. Gus takes the blame and he is removed from the H.A.S. as president and member altogether. And with Luz also kicked out of the club, Mattholomule becomes the new president, seeing as he's "still alive." Eda tells Luz that she's allowing her into Hexside because she knows that she's smart enough to make her own decisions as well as Bump agreeing to not to tell the Emperor's Coven about their deal. In the final scene, Luz reads every mischief that Eda did as she mentions that Bump was right about her.
10 10 "Escape of the Palisman" March 20, 2020 108
When Eda begins to feel the effects of her curse, she decides to take a rest. Luz meets up with Willow and Gus to see a grudgby match between Hexside and Glandus. They miss the bus, so Luz decides to use Eda's staff. They fly and end up crashing into a tree, resulting in Owlbert cracking his head and running from Luz. The kids run into the Bat Queen who is protecting Owlbert and gives Luz a series of trials to win Owlbert's trust back. King discovers that Eda is in her cursed form, but is more docile. He decides to use her to get revenge on the children at the park, but this alerts animal control who take Eda away. He tries to use the elixir on her, but it has no effect. Knowing it's Eda's favorite thing for him to do, he squeals and it turns Eda back to normal. After completing the tasks, the Bat Queen refuses to give up Owlbert. Luz discovers that the Bat Queen was a palisman to a giant and has been protecting other palismans. Realizing that Owlbert trusts Luz now, she lets him go back to her. As everyone heads home, Eda realizes that the elixir is not working well enough.
11 11 "Sense and Insensitivity" July 11, 2020 111
When King becomes a bestselling author, he learns a valuable lesson in reading the fine print.
12 12 "Adventures in the Elements" July 18, 2020 110
Luz is excited to be joining Hexside Academy with her friends. While getting her Azura book back from Amity, she informs her that in order to share the same classes with her, she needs to know at least two spells, otherwise she will be put in the baby class. Luz convinces Eda to teach her a second spell and she takes her to The Knee, a snowy tundra on the Boiling Isles, to train. To Luz's shock, Amity is there as well being trained by Emira and Edric, who are making up for the library incident. Meanwhile, King uses a life giving potion to create an army with his stuffed dolls. They turn on him and he ends up recruiting Hooty to destroy them after drawing a body for him on his door. Dissatisfied with Eda's teaching style and wanting to impress Amity and her siblings, Luz decides to steal Amity's wand to teach herself fire magic. She ends up angering the Slitherbeast, a yeti-like creature, who kidnaps Eda, Emira and Edric. Amity, upset that Luz used up the power in her wand, puts her in a cage to protect her while she rescues them. Luz suddenly has an epiphany and learns ice magic by creating a block to escape. She catches up and uses her new powers to knock over the Slitherbeast while Eda puts the monster to sleep. Luz apologizes to Amity and she forgives her.
13 13 "The First Day" July 25, 2020 113
During Luz's first day of Magic School, curiosity gets the best of her, and she finds herself thrown into the Delinquent Track, where she’s not allowed to learn magic.
14 14 "Really Small Problems" August 1, 2020 TBA
15 15 "Understanding Willow" August 8, 2020 TBA
Luz, Willow, and Amity take a trip down Memory Lane.


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