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"The Planet Destroyer" is the seventh regular episode of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.


Zurg shows off his latest invention, capable of destroying planets at freewill, on Tradeworld. When the Galactic President refuses to negotiate with Zurg, he retaliates by destroying Tangea, Mira's home planet. However, Team Lightyear soon discovers that the deadly weapon isn't all what it seems to be.


On Tradeworld, Team Lightyear are in pursuit of one of their usual suspects for a minor offense. However, after they catch him in orbit over Tradeworld, they all watch as Tradeworld then mysteriously vanishes before their eyes.

At an emergency session of the Galactic Alliance, Madame President does her best to maintain order as Commander Nebula and Buzz try to reason with her over Tradeworld's disappearance. It is then that Zurg contacts them and reveals he is behind Tradeworld's apparent destruction and threatens another planet with the same fate if the Alliance does not surrender to him. When he is met with refusal, he announces that his next target will be Tangea, Mira's homeworld.

Not taking any chances, Star Command sends their fleet to set up a defensive web around Tangea to protect it. When the deadline of Zurg's threat arrives, when initially nothing happens, everyone is relieved, but then Tangea vanishes just like Tradeworld did, much to Mira's fear that her father, King Nova, is dead.

At the next emergency session, Madame President decides she has no choice but to bow to Zurg's demands. When Buzz and Nebula argue against surrender, she silences them with an executive order before ordering Zurg contacted to declare the Galactic Alliance's surrender, as Buzz and Nebula grit their teeth in silent fury.

Within hours, Zurg's Hornets are marching through the streets of Capital Planet as Zurg arrives in the main chamber to offer his terms to the Galactic Alliance for their surrender. While this is happening, Nebula assigns Team Lightyear to find Zurg's "Planet Destroyer" and figure out how to destroy it. When they find it, it soon sends them to the same place as Tradeworld and Tangea. Mira is relieved to find her homeworld safe, before King Nova arrives in a spacesuit of his own, asking for Team Lightyear's help to undo what Zurg did to the planets. Together with his daughter, they ghost through the heavy armor of the Planet Destroyer, but are then attacked by the Hornets guarding the Brain Pods working the device. Mira takes them out, and her father demonstrates an advanced Tangean technique to probe the Brain Pods for the information to work the Planet Destroyer. Using the information they retrieve, Mira and her father are able to return Tradeworld and Tangea to their original dimension.

Back on Capital Planet, Madame President, with great reluctance, is about to sign the terms of surrender to Zurg, when the video feed shows the return of Tradeworld and Tangea, with the planets safe and returned, Zurg's plans are ruined, and he's forced to retreat to his Dreadnought, which Buzz has Mira transport safely to the alternate dimension for safe keeping. Afterwards, Mira is able to pull off the advanced technique her father used earlier, but is disgusted by the info she extracts from the Brain Pod she probed, who chuckles coyly in response.

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