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"The Plantars Check In" is the second segment of the twenty-seventh episode of Amphibia. It aired on August 22, 2020.


Anne finally meets with King Andrias and tries to enlist his help in getting back home.


Marcy brings Anne and the Plantars to the castle to meet with King Andrias. To their surprise, Andrias, a giant salamander, is very jovial and friendly and intrigued with human customs such as a fist bump. He asks to see the music box, which the Plantars do not have, but Anne has a photo of it. Andrias notices that the gems are gray rather than colored, but nevertheless wants to help Anne and Marcy get back home. In order to do so, Marcy must do some research in the archives. In the meantime, Andrias gives the Plantars a gold credit card that will get them whatever they want in Newtopia. They all decide to stay at a lavish hotel, but while Anne, Polly and Hop Pop want to rest, Sprig wants to venture around the hotel. Hop Pop prevents Sprig from using the card, but falls asleep, allowing Sprig to steal it.

Sprig meets a downtrodden bellhop named Bella who when asked for a tip, Sprig assumes word of advice and leaves. Sprig runs about the hotel using the card on everything he can afford such as ice cream, hairstyles, and coffee that cause him to see time slowed down. While high up on in the hotel, Sprig accidentally drops the card where it lands on a chandelier. Sprig attempts to use the elevator, but it is taken over by elderly newts and he jumps out the window. The card falls and lands in the hand of Bella who promptly takes it and flees with it. Sprig gives chase and they go up the indoor Ferris wheel, which Bella had previously suggested. They rise up until they reach the top where they see the sight of Newtopia which Bella also stated was beautiful.

Bella apologizes for stealing the card, stating that she really needed the money, Sprig accepts Bella's apology, but the ferris wheel suddenly moves, and she slips off. Sprig drinks the coffee and rescues her and the card at the same time. Bella's boss, seeing that she was on the Ferris wheel proceeds to fire her (he spares Sprig due to the card). However, Sprig comes to her defense claiming that not only was she the one to suggest getting on the Ferris wheel, but that she took him there personally and demand that she get a raise. The manager apologizes and Bella thanks Sprig. Tired from his adventure, Sprig returns to his room to sleep, only for Hop Pop, Polly and Anne to wake up and demand that Sprig join them on another wacky adventure, much to his annoyance.


Additional Voices

  • Troy Baker as Hotel Manager, Rich Customer, Elderly Man
  • Eden Riegel as Salamander Coffee Worker, Elderly Woman
  • Sam Riegel as Ant Cream Worker, Gift Shop Worker


  • It is revealed that Sprig's eye colour is gray.
  • This episode immediately picks up from the last episode.
  • Anne just noticed that the gems on the music box are no longer colored.
    • She still believes it's with Hop Pop's contacts, and is still unaware he buried it.
  • Bella the Bellhop's voice actress, Kristen Schaal previously worked on the Disney XD animated series Gravity Falls as Mabel Pines.
  • King Andrias Leviathan's name means different things. Andrias is a genus of salamander, specifically a giant salamander (the largest living amphibians in the world), and the name is of Greek origin meaning "statue (of a person)", most likely a reference to his "statuesque" appearance. Leviathan is of biblical origin used to describe a sea serpent.
  • Two of the hairstyles that Sprig goes through resemble Tidus from Final Fantasy X and Goku's Super Saiyan Blue from the Dragon Ball series.
  • When Sprig tries the coffee and acts crazy, another restaurant goer tells the waitress, "I'll have what he's having". This is a nod to the famous restaurant scene in When Harry Met Sally.
  • Near the beginning of the episode, there is a doll version of Sprig in the basket delivered to Anne.

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