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The Practical Pig is a Silly Symphony that debuted on February 24, 1939. It was the only Silly Symphony to be billed as a "Three Little Pigs" cartoon. It's also the final Silly Symphony to feature the Three Little Pigs, Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Wolves.


Fiddler and Fifer cannot wait to go swimming in a nearby pond. However, their older brother Practical thinks that is a bad idea, due to the risk of their adversary, the Big Bad Wolf, being around.

The two other pigs laugh at Practical Pig and go to the pond anyway. There, the Big Bad Wolf spots them from the bushes and his mouth starts to water. He dresses as a beautiful mermaid and starts singing and playing a harp from the middle of the pond. Then, the two naive pigs go to listen to the music, believing that he’s really a magic mermaid. At this moment, the wolf captures them and takes them to an old mill, where he and his kids are reunited to taste roasted pigs with vegetables. The baby wolves laugh to see the fear in the faces of the victims.

Meanwhile, the papa wolf writes a false letter supposedly written by Fiddler and Fifer in which they ask for the help of Practical about some trouble at the mill. Then, he dresses as a mailman and takes the letter to Practical’s house. The smart pig receives the letter and soon realizes that the wolf is up to no good. He captures the bad guy and puts him into a homemade lie detector. At first the cowardly wolf plays the good guy and tries to take advantage of Practical, but the machine detects his lies and tortures him, making him tell the truth.

Meanwhile, the pigs trick the young wolves into making a big mess in the kitchen. They take the opportunity to run back to their older brother's house.

There, the wolf is violently sent into space by fireworks and Practical gets very angry to see Fiddler and Fifer there. He accuses them of irresponsibility, which they deny. Then, the lie detector punishes them for the lie with some torture. The older brother says that it’s not his will to see them suffering, which makes the machine attack him too.

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