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The Practical Pig is a Silly Symphony that debuted on February 24, 1939. It was the only Silly Symphony to be billed as a "Three Little Pigs" cartoon. It's also the final Silly Symphony to feature the Three Little Pigs, the Big Bad Wolf, and the Three Little Wolves.


Practical Pig is hard at work building a new anti-wolf contraption, this time a lie detector. His two brothers, Fiddler and Fifer Pig decide to go swimming, despite Practical's warning about the Big Bad Wolf lurking by the pond. The Big Bad Wolf disguises as a mermaid to lure Fiddler and Fifer and captures them and bringing them to the Old Mill where his sons the Three Little Wolves are waiting for their dinner, but tells them they must not eat until he captures Practical. The Wolf plans to entrap Practical as well using a fake letter requesting help by his brothers. While the wolf is off to capture Practical, the Three Little Wolves start early to put the two pigs into a pan and prepare to bake them into a pie. The Wolf, disguised as a messenger boy, blows his cover when he blows the fake letter under Practical's door. Realizing the wolf is up to his tricks and his brothers have been captured, Practical tries out his new invention. As the wolf attempts to lure Practical, the welcome mat opens under the wolf's feet, and the wolf falls into the pit below. He is next seen strapped in a chair, captured by Practical as Practical tells him sternly where are Fiddler and Fifer's whereabouts. The wolf tries to fool the lie detector machine, where first he claims he has never heard of Practical's brothers and secondly he claims he hasn't seen them. The wolf then lastly tells that he and Practical are pals, but the lie detector detects his lies using a 'Wolf Whistle' and punishes the wolf using brushes to spank and wash him with soap.

Back at the wolves' hideout, the Three Little Wolves are about to bake Fifer and Fiddler into the oven as the two pigs tell them they'll be sorry when their father comes home. One of the wolf cubs uses the pepper but the lid accidentally comes off and this causes the two pigs to sneeze so strong, the pie doe is duffed off and into the wolves splatting them against the wall like glue. With the wolf cubs trapped, Fiddler and Fifer escape and rush back to Practical's house.

The lie detector punishes the Wolf harder and harder until he finally tells the truth, saying "They're in the old mill". He is then shot out of the house with a firecracker and seemingly explodes in the sky. Practical prepares to go save his brothers when Fiddler and Fifer burst in. When Practical scolds them for defying his orders, they tell him that they didn't go swimming, at which point the lie detector springs into action and gives them serious spanking. The older brother says that it’s not his will to see them suffering, which makes the machine attack him too.

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