The Quest

The Quest is a Disney+ original series that centers on 8 teenagers as they embark on their journey to Everealm. It was released on May 11, 2022.


The Quest is a ground-breaking immersive competition series that drops 8 young people into the fantastic, fictional world of Everealm, where they must save a Kingdom by fulfilling an ancient prophecy.


  • Emily Gateley as Mila
  • Elliott Ross as Prince Cederic
  • Braeden De La Garza as Prince Emmett
  • Racquel Jean-Louis as Princess Adaline
  • Harry Aspinwall as Dravus
  • Jarod Lindsey as Ramus
  • Mel Mehrabian as Sorceress Tavora
  • Kerwin Thompson as King Silas
  • Frederic Winkler as General Kane
  • Nandi Chapman as Talmuh
  • Louise Lagana as Karu
  • Sajel Oh as Sola
  • Dane DiLiegro as the Dragior


  • David - Age: 14 - Hometown: Waldorf, Maryland
  • Serean - Age: 14 - Hometown: Tenino, Washginton
  • Holden - Age: 16 - Hometown: Northridge, California
  • Myra - Age: 16 - Hometown: Queens, New York
  • Shaan - Age: 13 - Hometown: San Ramon, California
  • Ava - Age: 14 - Hometown: Northwood, New Hampshire
  • Caden - Age: 16 - Hometown: Sugarland, Texas
  • Toshani - Age: 14 - Hometown: Schenectady, New York


  1. Strangers Arrive
  2. The Weight of the World
  3. Wise as a Serpent
  4. Keys to the Kingstone
  5. Tavora Is Coming
  6. Betrayal From Within
  7. A Light in the Darkness
  8. The One True Hero


Disney announced in January 2020 that a reboot of The Quest will be produced for its Disney+ streaming service, with van Munster and Doganieri as showrunners. van Munster had pitched the reboot to Disney after they had announced plans for the streaming service. The new version will have a similar type of narrative/reality game structure, but will focus heavily on the scripted narrative, differing from the previous iteration. It will also feature primarily teenaged contestants, as van Munster stated the original show's broadcast had attracted a high teen demographic. The new version intended to film again at Burg Kreuzenstein but moved production to Castello di Amorosa in Napa Valley due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Production took place from January 2021 to March 2021.[1]



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