The Raider is a character from the PKNA comic series.


The Raider is a thief from 23th century who steals treasures from the past (our present). He works for the criminal cartel known just as "the Organization".


The Raider was stealing the components for a "cronosail" (a device that would allow to change the future) the first time he found the Duck Avenger. During their first fight, the Raider used his time travel ability to be briefly in two places at once and distract the Duck Avenger, and the second time they found each other, the Duck Avenger foiled his plans, but the Raider traveled a few hours into the past to change the facts, have the reporter Angus Fangus and the police finding the Duck Avenger at the place, and steal what he needed while the Duck Avenger was framed.

The Duck Avenger finds about the Raider's plan thanks to Lyla Lay, a Time Police agent undercover as a journalist. The cronosail must be activated during a time storm, and the Duck Avenger and Lyla search for the Raider in the place where he can use better the storm energy. The Duck Avenger replaces the cronosail with an empty box and the Time Police captures the Raider.

The Raider re-appears several times to steal things and faces the Duck Avenger. Some short stories reveal he has a son named Trip.


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