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"The Reckoning" is the sixty-first episode of Gargoyles, and the forty-sixth single-part episode of the series.


The Manhattan Clan manages to capture Demona, only to find that they are falling into a trap involving Fang and Thailog's new gargoyle clones. Meanwhile, Demona finally meets face-to-face with her daughter, Angela, and attempts to bond with her.


The Manhattan Clan find themselves once more facing off with Demona, only this time, she's facing them in a powered suit. In the end, despite her best attempts at fighting them, being distracted upon first laying eyes on Angela results in Demona being overpowered, and forced to eject from her power suit before it self-destructs from the damage it sustained. With her captured, it is decided to have her imprisoned in the Labyrinth with Talon and the Mutates alongside the treacherous Fang. Before that happens, Elisa slaps the back of her neck, annoyed by a mosquito biting it.

In the Labyrinth, a deal is struck by Talon and Goliath: The Manhattan Clan will station someone to watch Demona and Fang during the night, while the Mutates will have one of them watch the two during the day. However, during the shifts for the Manhattan Clan, they are unaware that Demona is secretly sending little robotic mosquitoes to bite them to extract their blood and DNA to send to Sevarius as part of a plan to clone the Manhattan Clan for Thailog.

It is soon Angela's turn to watch Demona, and during her shift, she reveals she is Demona's biological daughter, though Demona refuses to believe it, even after Angela explains the heroism of Princess Katharine and the Magus with saving the rookery eggs after Hakon sacked Castle Wyvern and taking them to Avalon to be raised there. Hearing this causes Demona to soften somewhat, but her hatred for humanity still reigns over her love for Angela. Hoping that Demona would come around, Angela backs off, kneels down, and allows herself to turn to stone as the sun rises while still having a smile on her face, while Demona groans in pain as she reverts to her human form, much to Fang's amazement.

Some time later, Thailog arrives in the Labyrinth to bust Demona out, and both agree to free Fang and let him tag along as they escape to the abandoned Coney Island amusement park. The Manhattan Clan give chase, but as they split up, Hudson and the Trio are ambushed by their clone counterparts, while Goliath, Angela, and Talon are subdued by Thailog, Fang, and Demona.

After being captured, Demona introduced the Manhattan Clan to the clones, aptly named Burbank, Malibu, Hollywood, and Brentwood. Soon enough, it comes time for where Thailog decides to kill Angela, which Demona, despite her hatred, is against, even when Angela voices her own hatred of her mother's actions, ending with saying, while her eyes momentarily glow red with fury, "I hate you!"

Satisfied with seeing Angela tell off her own biological mother like that, Thailog moves to end Angela's life, but Demona, her love for her daughter winning out, intervenes. Thailog is not upset at this show of treason from Demona, as he then reveals he had taken precautions for if Demona proved uncooperative to his plans, and calls out the last of the clones: Delilah, a hybrid of Demona and Elisa's DNA that Sevarius made for Thailog as his perfect mate for if Demona rebelled. On Thailog's order, Delilah moves to kill Angela, but Demona frees the Manhattan Clan, shouting to Goliath to protect Angela, before Talon is freed as well, and while Goliath and Demona go after Thailog, Angela faces Delilah, while the Trio and Hudson deal with their clone counterparts, and Talon deals with Fang. In the chaos that follows, the roller coaster that Demona and Goliath are fighting Thailog on catches fire, and Demona has Goliath retreat while she holds off Thailog. When he lands, Talon has subdued Fang, and out of the smoke emerges Delilah with her wings folded around her like a cape, before it is revealed she is in shackles, as Angela emerges behind her and shoves her forward towards Goliath and Talon. When Angela asks about Demona, Goliath points to her still fighting Thailog as the engulfed roller coaster begins to collapse. When it does, Delilah calls out "Master..." while Angela shouts "Mother!"

The rest of the Manhattan Clan arrives with their subdued clone counterparts, and when the clones learn that Thailog is presumably dead, Talon offers to take them in as part of the Labyrinth Clan. Burbank believes Talon is their master now, and Talon offers to help them out with adapting to their new lives, and speak better via using verbs. Meanwhile, as Goliath and Angela look at the collapsed pile of rubble from the roller coaster, Goliath assures his daughter that Demona potentially survived the collapse and they will see her again. Angela hopes that, by then, Demona is willing to let go of her hatred and rejoin them.

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