The Rescuers Down Under Original Motion Picture Soundtrack refers to two different album releases of the soundtrack to The Rescuers Down Under.

Original release

Originally released on November 16, 1990 this album contains select pieces of Bruce Broughton's score for the film. It was re-released on April 16, 2002, with three songs from The Rescuers added as bonus tracks.

Track list

# Track
1 Main Title
2 Answering Faloo's Call
3 Cody's Flight
4 Message Montage
5 At the Restaurant
6 Wilbur Takes Off
7 McLeach Threatens Cody
8 The Landing
9 Bernard Almost Proposes
10 Escape Attempt
11 Frank's Out!
12 Cody Finds the Eggs
13 Bernard the Hero
14 End Credits
Bonus tracks from The Rescuers (2002 reissue)
15 The Journey
16 Someone's Waiting For You
17 Tomorrow is Another Day

Intrada release

An extended version of the album was released by Intrada Records on February 15, 2016 as the 346th installment of Intrada's "Special Collection" soundtrack series. It collects the full score for the movie, including cues that were not included on the original release or the final film, the latter labeled in italics.

Track list

# Track Length
1 Main Title 1:34
2 Answering The Call 1:32
3 Cody Rescues Marahute/At The Nest 6:02
4 McLeach's Arrival 0:55
5 The Feathers 2:00
6 Message Montage 2:49
7 The Restaurant Scene 3:06
8 See Wilbur 0:27
9 Wilbur Takes Off 1:29
10 Returning With Cody 1:16
11 Bianca's Kiss 0:32
12 Arrival Down Under 0:52
13 The Landing 2:02
14 Big Time Hurt 0:26
15 Launch The Back Brace 1:03
16 Squirrel Travel 0:50
17 McLeach Threatens Cody 1:20
18 Bernard Almost Proposes 1:36
19 Cody In Cage 0:36
20 Escape Attempt 1:30
21 Bucking Fireflies 0:45
22 Patient Escaping/Wilbur Splits 1:26
23 Eggs 1:12
24 That's It 0:39
25 Frank's Out! 3:23
26 McLeach's Lie/Wilbur's Punctuation 3:19
27 [Cody Finds The Eggs/Marahute Caught/Joanna And The Eggs 6:34
28 A Loose End 1:53
29 At Croc Falls 1:52
30 The Keys 1:35
31 Bernard The Hero/Wilbur The Mom 4:07
32 End Credits 3:37
33 Message Montage (Alternate) 2:48
34 The Restaurant Scene (Alternate) 3:07
35 Bernard The Hero (Alternate)] 3:53

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