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The following episodes of the Disney Junior series The Rocketeer are listed in the order of their scheduled airing. The series premiered on November 8, 2019 on Disney Junior, beginning with "First Flight", "Pilot Error", "Skyway Robbery", and "A Doggone Adventure".

Series Overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 TBA November 8, 2019 TBA

Season One (2019-2020)

No. in
No. in
Title Original
01 01 "First Flight" November 8, 2019 101A
Kit Secord receives a surprise package on her birthday, revealing she’s next in line to become the Rocketeer.
"Pilot Error" November 8, 2019 101B
While Kit learns the ropes of becoming a flying superhero, she must stop the thieving sister team of Laura and Harley from stealing jewels from the town’s jewelry store.
02 02 "Skyway Robbery" November 8, 2019 102A
When Kit stops a thief from robbing the Bulldog Café, he ends up stealing her rocket-pack and helmet.
"A Doggone Adventure" November 8, 2019 102B
Butch must rescue his new friend, Honey, the golden doodle.
03 03 "Ground Control to Rocketeer" November 15, 2019 103A
Tesh gives his bike an extreme makeover that isn't as helpful as he hoped.
"Save the Statue" November 15, 2019 103B
Kit, Tesh and Butch raise money to repair the statue of the original Hughesville Rocketeer.
04 04 "Carnival Caper" November 22, 2019 104A
The Great Orsino and his traveling carnival arrive in Hughesville to steal Kit’s rocket-pack.
"Songbird Soars Again" November 22, 2019 104B
Kit befriends a former pilot, May Songbird, and helps her find the courage to fly her plane again.
05 05 "Hypnotic Hughesville" December 6, 2019 TBA
When the Great Orsino hypnotizes everyone in Hughesville, the Rocketeer must find a way to wake them.
"The Piggy Bank Caper" December 6, 2019 TBA
Sylvester Slapdash steals Kit's piggy bank in search of a special coin.
06 06 "Downhill Derby" December 14, 2019 109A
Kit and Tesh are excited to compete in Hughesville’s Downhill Go-Cart Derby until a scheming young inventor enters and threatens to ruin the race with a homemade weather machine.
"Flight Class Heroes" December 14, 2019 109B
When Kit’s flight class finds themselves airborne in a pilotless plane, they must learn to work together to land it safely.
07 07 "X-Treme Hero" January 10, 2020 110A
The Rocketeer introduces Tesh to his extreme sports idol, Xena Treme, after rescuing her during a snowboarding competition.
"Hot on the Trail" January 10, 2020 110B
Kit joins Tesh and his dad, with their Hughesville Trailbazer troop, on a hike to the famed Gemstone Firefall waterfall and must stop Laura and Harley from stealing the precious gemstone that lies within.
08 08 "Valerie the Valkyrie" January 17, 2020 108A
Feeling that the Rocketeer is stealing her thunder, Valerie creates her own superhero identity, The Valkyrie.
"Follow that Bulldog" January 17, 2020 108B
The Cast-Iron Chef attempts to steal Kit’s family cookbook from the Bulldog Café.
09 09 "Recipe for Disaster" January 24, 2020 105A
When Kit and Sareena refuse to expose the secret ingredients in their renowned family recipes, Cast-Iron Chef tries to steal them.
"The Critter Gang" January 24, 2020 105B
Kit investigates a string of robberies across Hughesville that seem to be committed by wild animals.
10 10 "Cleared for Takeoff" February 7, 2020 TBA
Kit volunteers at the Bulldog Cafe in order to prove she's responsible enough to enroll in the Valkyrie Flight School.
"First Class" February 7, 2020 TBA
Kit befriends Valerie d'Avion, the coolest girl in class.
11 11 "Underground Doodlebug" February 21, 2020 TBA
The Rocketeer goes underground to track down a mischevious kid inventor.
"Bruce Goose" February 21, 2020 TBA
When a baby goose bonds with Bruce, the Rocketeer teaches it to fly and reunite with its family.
12 12 "Runaway Lilith" March 13, 2020 TBA
"The Hughesville Howler" March 13, 2020 TBA

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