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"The Room" is the second segment of the fifty-fifth episode of Big City Greens.


Tilly ans Cricket’s secret escape hole in their room, sparking a major conflict being viewed by Gloria and Gramma as reality TV-like entertainment.


Gloria is watching a reality TV show when Gramma Alice arrives to criticize it. When she introduces the premise to her, in that it is about people getting mad at each other and creating drama, she becomes invested and joins her. Cricket and Tilly come in and fail to find any appeal in the show, especially since they both claim that they have a tight bond over sharing a room with one another. As Cricket goes out to play in the wind, Tilly goes into her room to stack cards. She becomes bothered by the air coming through Cricket's secret entrance and through Saxon's "influence", Tilly decides to board up the hole. Cricket comes back and discovers Tilly's actions and becomes furious, causing the two to argue.

The TV suddenly goes out, leaving Gloria and Alice to panic over their lack of entertainment. As Bill goes out to fix the cable, they overhear Cricket and Tilly arguing and decide to make them their new source of entertainment, complete with having them do talking heads segments. Cricket and Tilly begin to move things to their sides of the room. When they cannot decide how to go about their new arrangement, they decide to split the room in half - top and bottom that is. They explain to a confused Gloria that left and right constantly change and by splitting the room top and bottom it creates certain advantages for each of them. Soon, the line goes from their room to the rest of the house.

Eventually, the two grow jealous of the "advantages" each of them have and begin to wreck the house by creating holes everywhere. Alice freaks out and asks Gloria if reality shows have endings. She agrees and they create an end involving giving a rose to one of them. Whoever does not get the rose has to leave the house forever. Cricket and Tilly break down as neither of them wants the other to leave and they apologize. When Gloria insists on such an ending, Alice steps in and says that the loser has to move into the basement with Gloria. Horrified by the notion, Gloria relents. Bill comes back and Gloria and Alice return to the living room to watch TV. Cricket and Tilly reconcile and compromise, and Bill enters the kids' room and is shocked by the mess they have made. Tilly remarks that this mess is good TV.



  • Cricket and Tilly wear the same formal clothes from "Photo Op" and "Valentine's Dance", though Cricket wears a red bow-tie and lacks shoes.
  • This episode shares its title with the infamous movie of the same name.
  • The episode's plot is similar to the Gravity Falls episode, "Carpet Diem". Where Cricket (Dipper Pines) and Tilly (Mabel Pines) start fighting each other.
  • The episode makes references to real world reality shows.
    • Snug Lil' Room is most likely a parody of Big Brother
    • Gloria references "leaving the island" which is directly lifted from Survivor.
    • Gloria handing the rose to either Cricket or Tilly is usually seen in The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.
  • Morals:
    • Appreciate your siblings for who they are and compromise.
    • It's important to get used to sharing rooms.
    • Don't view real-life conflict as entertainment.

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