The Saga of Windwagon Smith is an animated Disney cartoon which was originally theatrically released on March 16, 1961.


Capt. Windwagon Smith blows into a Kansas town of Westport with a strange contraption: a Conestoga prairie wagon outfitted with a wind sail. The town fathers figure that since a small windwagon does so well, a big super windwagon must do better. They set out to build one (while Smith meets the mayor's daughter, Molly and falls in love) and launch it on its maiden voyage to very unexpected results.


  • Several scenes were deleted from this short before it was re-released: Indians in the crowd running out into the prairie in fright; the mayor's daughter christening the ship with white lightning; the Indian figurehead on the ship that changes color when whacked with the jug and then breaks out into a huge, silly grin; and Asian stereotypes with buck teeth.
  • In the 1970s, there was a proposal to create an expansion of Frontierland at Disneyland called "Land of Legends" to connect Bear Country to the proposed Discovery Bay area that included a dark ride based on Windwagon Smith alongside Western River Expedition and a dark ride based on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. When the Discovery Bay project was scrapped, this expansion went with it.
  • Jasper and Horace, from One Hundred and One Dalmatians makes an anonymous cameo appearance as inhabitants of the town.

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