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The Simpsons in Plusaversary is a 2021 crossover short film between the Disney characters and The Simpsons. It was released on November 12, 2021 on Disney+, part of the "Disney Plusaversary" event.

Official description

The Simpsons host a Disney+ Day party and everyone is on the list... except Homer. With friends from across the service and music fit for a Disney princess, Plusaversary is Springfield's event of the year.


Several Disney characters are lined up to enter Moe's Tavern, where Maleficent is checking the guest list to enter, and Homer is complaining he's not in the list, however when Goofy appears, he forces him to be his +1.

At the Tavern, Darth Vader is drinking a beer, Doctor Strange is playing pool, Elsa is creating some ice in a bucket that a Fantasia's broom is filling with beer, while Buzz Lightyear and The Mandalorian are having an arm wrestling contest, that Buzz loses, and Moe thinks that Donald Duck is choking, so Barney tries to perform the Heimlich maneuver on him.

At the table, Homer and Goofy are discussing, while Happy is complaining how the party stinks before complaining to Grumpy, and they get divided by Lisa who come to the Tavern to collect Homer, that gets his beer struck by BB-8, but cheers the place up with a song about Disney+.

After the song, Mickey Mouse's shadow appear over the door to the Tavern, overjoying everyone as the boss was arriving, but Bart appears instead, dressed as him, telling them to get back to work, and dragging Goofy away, while Barney drags Homer the other way.




  • Characters on the guest list include: Jeff Goldblum, Dopey, Ant-Man, Palpatine, Pinocchio, Aaron Burr, Jabba the Hutt, Tramp, King George III, Bluey, Luca, Sideshow Bob, Loki, Thanos, Lightning McQueen (with the note he needs parking pass), the Princess and the Frog.
    • Excluding characters based on real celebrities, out of all of the fictional characters listed, Bluey is the only one of them to not be owned by The Walt Disney Company and is also therefore a non-Disney character.
  • Companies shown on Maleficent's pad: Disney, Pixar, ABC, FX, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Hulu, National Geographic, 20th Century Studios, and ESPN.
  • "Mickey Mouse March" plays when Bart, dressed as Mickey Mouse, enters the Tavern.
  • During the credits, Cruella is shown measuring Santa's Little Helper, as she often did to canine characters on House of Mouse.
  • During the credits, Jiminy Cricket and Ant-Man appear under Cinderella's Glass Slipper.
  • During the credits, the Beast plays pool, using Pinocchio's nose as a cue stick.
  • The silhouette of Mickey Mouse is seen in the Gracie Films closing logo.
  • This is the first Simpsons short in a long time total of 13 years to receive a Japanese dub after years of the Japanese dub being long neglected after the Japanese dub on The Simpsons Movie (2007).


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