"The Sinister Sculptor" is the first segment of the second episode of Adventures of the Gummi Bears. It premiered on September 21, 1985 alongside "Zummi Makes it Hot".


Grammi and Gruffi are arguing with each other about who should put the last piece of a puzzle they're working on. The puzzle eventually gets broken as Grammi becomes enraged. Grammi doesn't want Gruffi to come near her kitchen or speak to her again. Gruffi then mimics what Grammi is saying as Grammi throws spaghetti at Gruffi, telling Gruffi that she heard him.

In the forest, a rabbit is seen running away from the sculptor, the Great Davini (whose actual name is Angelo Davini). He eventually captures the rabbit as Cubbi, Sunni, Tummi, and Zummi are not too far away picking gummiberries. Tummi is tasting the gummiberries to make sure that they're ripe. Meanwhile, the Great Davini releases the rabbit but uses a magic powder to freeze the rabbit. He puts the rabbit on a shelf inside his traveling cart, along with other animals (in which Donald and Mickey can be seen), saying that it's a much easier way to get sculptures than making them with clay. Then he hears that one of his traps has captured something. Davini then sees that there are Gummi Bears (Zummi, Cubbi, Tummi, and Sunni) in his traps. At first Davini doesn't believe that they are Gummi Bears as the Gummi Bears are trying to convince Davini that they aren't Gummi Bears but Davini eventually sticks with the thought that they are Gummi Bears.

Gruffi is wondering where the other Gummies are at, and decides to go by himself to check. Meanwhile, Grammi is also worried at where the Gummies are at and decides to go look for them by herself since she assumes that Gruffi is sleeping.

Davini then tells the Gummies that they would be immortalized, and Sunni likes what she's hearing. Davini puts some magic powder on the Gummies so they freeze, as Grammi and Gruffi try to stop him for getting away with the now frozen Gummies. However, Grammi and Gruffi get tangled with each other as Davini leaves with the other Gummies. Grammi and Gruffi eventually catch up with Davini's cart and jump in to ride as stowaways.

The cart eventually leads into Dunwyn Castle, where many of its citizens look at some of Davini's sculptures. Sir Tuxford asks Davini if he could get a sculpture of a bird, but with its wings spread out. Davini tells Tuxford there's another sculpture like the one that he wants in his cart, as Davini takes the bird sculpture around to the back. Grammi and Gruffi watch as Davini unfreezes the bird that Tuxford wants by reciting a spell written on a stone tablet that he has in his bag. After having the bird open its wings, Davini freezes the bird once again and then gives the "new" statue back to Tuxford. Cavin then announces King Gregor as everyone moves out of the way for Cavin, Calla, and King Gregor to walk up to the cart. Gregor welcomes Davini as Davini decides to show his "latest creation", which would be the Gummi Bears. Calla and Gregor are amazed at the Gummi Bears, while Cavin notices that they look just like his friends. Gruffi then pulls Cavin aside to where he and Grammi are, and tells him how the other Gummies were turned into stone by the sculptor. Gruffi and Grammi then explain to Cavin how there's a spell to unfreeze them from their frozen form. King Gregor decides to buy all of Davini's Gummi Bear "statues", and has Sir Tuxford, another knight, and Cavin carry them to Calla's room. Cavin sees Gruffi and Grammi as they decide to get the stone table to unfreeze the other Gummi Bears, but it would have to take place at night.

At nightfall, Calla is in her room with King Gregor, remarking how much she loves her new Gummi Bears statues, and how she wishes that they were real. Calla then notices two empty spaces where the Gummi Bears are placed and Gregor decides to talk to Davini to create more Gummi Bear statues. Gregor knocks on the door of the room where Davini is residing, as he wants to talk to him about the statues. Davini is counting his money, but quickly puts it away in one of his shoes so he can let Gregor in. Cavin then goes to a window to drop a candle on the barrels that Grammi and Gruffi are hiding in, so they can undo the spell that froze the other Gummies. Cavin tells Grammi and Gruffi to climb the vines that lead to Davini's room. Gregor tells Davini that he wants two more Gummi Bear statues. At first Davini is unsure if he can do the job, but decides to accept when Gregor says he's willing to pay any price that he wants in order to get those two Gummi Bear statues. Davini then decides to go on a search to get two more Gummi Bears.

Grammi and Gruffi finally make it into Davini's room as Davini goes to open the door because someone is knocking on the door. It is Cavin, who offers food to Davini as a distraction. Grammi and Gruffi meanwhile look for the stone tablet and steal it from Davini. However, Grammi and Gruffi fight over who gets to hold the stone tablet as the tablet breaks into pieces. Davini notices the Gummi Bears, and Cavin drops the food on Davini so they can escape. Grammi and Gruffi run with the pieces as Davini goes after the Gummi Bears.

Cavin, Gruffi, and Grammi enter Calla's room while Calla is asleep. Meanwhile, Davini looks for the Gummi Bears in another room, but startles its occupant, a startled lady who screams and throws a pillow at Davini. Grammi and Gruffi piece back the stone tablet as they fight over who gets to put in the last piece of the tablet. Cavin stops their fighting when he tells them that their friends need them. Gruffi puts in the last piece of the tablet and ties the tablet together. Grammi then recites the spell and the other Gummi Bears unfreeze. Cubbi, unaware that time has passed, continues saying something, but Cavin quickly quiets Cubbi. Calla temporarily awakes, the Gummies freeze, and so she notices nothing, eventually falling back to sleep. The Gummi Bears escape out the window as Cavin gets slammed by the door by Davini. Davini yells "I know where you are", referring to the Gummi Bears are, as Calla angrily replies that she's indeed here, in her own room. Davini looks around the room for the Gummi Bears as Calla tells Davini that she'll start yelling for the guards if he doesn't get out of her room. As Calla is about to yell, Davini freezes her with his magic powder and keeps looking for the Gummi Bears. Cavin sees Calla and tries to explain what happened, but reslizes that Calla is frozen.

Davini then notices that Gruffi and Grammi have the tablet, and instantly claims that he's willing to negotiate with them in order to get the tablet back. Grammi and Gruffi berate Davini for making money at the expense of animals. As Davini is about to freeze Grammi and Gruffi with the magic powder, Cubbi takes the powder out of Davini's hand. The Gummi Bears then decide to try and freeze Davini using the magic powder as Davini makes a run for his cart. Grammi and Gruffi recite the spell to undo the freezing of the other animals in Davini's cart, as these attack and chase Davini out of the castle and through the forest. Gruffi gets rid of the remaining powder and Grammi is about to destroy the stone tablet as well, when Cavin catches it just in the nick of time in order to be able to use it to unfreeze Calla.

Grammi and Gruffi drink Gummiberry Juice, grab ahold of Cavin, and bounce him up to Calla's room. After reciting the spell, Calla is unfrozen and yells for the guards. Calla is startled that Cavin is suddenly in her room, and wonders where Davini and her Gummi Bears have disappeared to. Cavin promises Calla that he didn't steal anything, when King Gregor, Sir Tuxford, and other knights appear in Calla's room. King Gregor asks about what is going on, as Calla tells him that her Gummi Bears are gone, and Cavin tells him that it was Davini who stole the Gummi Bears, and that Cavin tried to stop him, but that the sculptor escaped. Gregor then orders Tuxford and his knights to pursue Davini, as Calla is sad about losing the Gummi Bears. Calla wonders if Gummi Bears are real, and Cavin replies that they do exist... in their imagination.


  • Statues of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck can be seen in the sculptor's cart.
  • Although Davini doesn't reveal his full name to any of the characters, his full name can be seen on his cart in one part of the episode.
  • The illustrated storybook Gummies to the Rescue (and audio tape/record) from the Disney Read-Along series, is based on this episode.


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